Friday, February 15, 2008

Bristol, England: Houston, TX

15FEB08 Houston, TX

I rang my colleague at 5:05p to find out what time he would be leaving for the airport. He said, meet him downstairs now. We left the building and headed for the wet highway as it continued to rain. It was slow going as we made our way along I-45 to I-10 and then to US59 and then to the HOV lane.

It was quite a saver tonight as we watched traffic crawl on the main roads. We got to the airport in no time and parked at the airport terminal parking. We held the door open for this lady who it seemed was running late. The terminal was quite crowded, but we made it through the security areas without incident. We even saw another colleague at the security area who joined us.

Once inside, we went to the President Club and relaxed or a bit before going to our respective gates. While in the Club, we saw yet another colleague who was heading to Minneapolis.

I walked over to gate C16 where the Boeing 767-400 awaited. The agent told me that unfortunately, the BusinessFirst cabin was full, so I had to take my Economy class seat. Oh well, I thought. He also said that the bulkhead was empty so I could sit there is I wanted. I usually don’t sit at the bulkhead as I can’t stretch out my legs there and on this plane the lavs are right there. Also, oftentimes passengers will cross over at that seat; I hate that.

Off to Bristol, England

I had promised to go see a friend of mine and am getting around to it, so off to Bristol, England (BRS) I go...