Thursday, February 28, 2008

Sydney, Australia: Agana International Airport, Agana Guam (GUM)

28FEB08 Agana International Airport, Agana Guam (GUM)

My colleagues dropped me off and departed for dinner. I approached the counter and tried to check-in, but it failed.

An agent assisted me eventually printing a boarding pass. On checking on my Australian visa, he had a problem which eventually led to them having to call the Australian government assistance center in Australia.

After what seemed like eternity, it was all cleared up and it was time to go. Apparently, an error was made when the initial check was made and that error was stored to the profile so that caused the issue.

I went upstairs and cleared security and then made my way to the Presidents Club. It was a little chaotic as I entered as there were about four people around the desk. Through all that the agent asked me for my credentials. I showed her and entered.

I had a snack and then checked e-mail before leaving.

At the gate, it was time to board so I did.