Wednesday, August 19, 2009

All you can jet in 30 days - I'm in

Houston, TX. Wed. 19 Aug., 2009. I took the plunge and I'm now a member of the All you can jet in 30 days club. Yup, this is the JetBlue Airways (B6) offer where you can basically fly their system in 30 days for $599 plus some taxes if you head to international destinations.

The purchase experience was not too bad, I had a wait time less than 5 mins. when I called. My first call failed as I could not hear the agent when she came on the phone, but the second one was fine and in about 10 minutes, I was the proud owner of a confirmation number. It took a little longer as I forgot to join TrueBlue, their frequent flyer program so I had to do that before I bought the pass. It was a simple process and took about a minute to accomplish.

I did the smart thing and used my Citibank MasterCard that gives me miles on American Airlines' AAdvantage frequent flyer program of course. JetBlue only gives me 35 TrueBlue points and I need 100 for a free ticket. So Goal #1 accomplished which is scoring as many AAdvantage miles for this trip. Any purchases made during the trip will also be on this card to maximize the mileage earnings of course.

The agent was very pleasant and advised me of the following when she was done:
  • JetBlue is ticketless
  • JetBlue offers beverage snack services only
  • One checked bag and one carry on are allowed for free, there is a $30 charge after that per bag
I was then asked if I wanted to book any trips, so I immediately secured my trips home on four consecutive weekend Sundays starting on Sunday, 13 September 2009. The e-mail confirmations came in rapid succession.

I am still figuring out my itinerary. Using the JetBlue's schedule application is quite a bear I'm afraid. It needs quite a lot of work. As an example, I choose NYC metro area in the "From" box since they serve four of the five area airports and I got no cities in the "To" drop down. I've had to use a schedule tool at to help me, which works quite well in filling the gaps.

So off to continue planning my routings now.

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They won't start until 11 or 12 September, 2009. But you never know, I may be on a flight on 8 September, 2009.

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Sunday, August 16, 2009

A totally different journey - I went to a gun and knife show

Houston TX Aug., 16, 2009. Today, I did something different. This is something I had never done before, I went to a gun and knife show.

Yesterday, I was driving around and saw a sign on the highway directing me which exit to take from I-10E so I could make it to the gun show. I wanted to do something completely different and outside of my realm of knowledge so this was it. I wanted to be like a fish out of water and learn something new.

I checked online and it was also taking palce today from 10a-4p at a cost of $8.00. I headed downtown Houston, TX and got to the show about 12:30p or so at the George R. Brown Convention Center.

I did notice crudely made signs encouraging me to join the NRA and get free entry as I walked in. Inviting I thought. They had a few anti-Obama signs as well.

I walked in with my camera on my shoulder and I was told by a Houston Police Officer in uniform that I had to check it. I made small talk about having to check it and that it was not dangerous, the Office laughed.

I also did not get my ticket so I went outside and paid in cash. No credit cards accepted the guy told me.

Once back inside, I checked my camera with the other guns that the Houston Police Officer had checked. You see there was a sign outside that said you cannot take your concealed weapon inside. For some reason I was expecting a metal detector, silly me.

So I gave my ticket and walked in. The lady gave me a card to fil out for a door prize adn well as sign up for e-mails about upcoming shows.

As I entered, the first thing I saw was a guy standing with an automatic weapon on his shoulder. He was selling it. Odd, I thought, then I saw another guy and yet another guy. I guess it was the norm. I did not want to ask for fear that I said something silly and insulted the guys. Don't think I want to upset anyone at a gun and knife show.

I started walking down the aisle looking at the guns and there were plenty. I can't tell you what they were as I have no idea. Except that there were hand guns and big gun like they have in war shows on TV and the movies. I could not understand why a person would buy one of the war type guns for home use. I was scared to ask though in case I picked the one guy who would be pissed at me. I have a few friends who are gun fans, I'll ask them later.

As I walked the twelve aisles I bumped into people as it was so packed. Everyone was really polite. There were people of all ages there. From newborns in the arms of their parents to pre-teens, teenagers twenty, thirty, forty, fifty somethings and seniors.

I stopped to ask a vendor how I could get a gun. I did not really want one, but I'm at a gun show people! I had to know.

He said, that I must have a Texas drivers license and fill out a long yellow form. Then he calls it in to some kind of clearing house and then if I am cleared, I can take the gun with me after paying for it with cash or credit card. Too easy I thought. Lots of people were filling out these forms.

I asked about ammunition and was told that there were plenty of vendors around where I can get my ammunition. After walking around, he was not kidding. It seemed like if you sold guns you cannot sell ammunition and vice versa. Although the ammunition guys are just a few stalls from the gun vendors.

This was also a knife show and there was no shortage of knives. Big ones, fat ones, small ones and long ones. A kid, well older kid, tried to sell me three samurai knives of three different sizes on a stand. It retailed for $75, but he would give me a deal for $60 and throw in a smaller knife. Tempting, but I declined. I told him that I was struggling with what I'd do with it. He said just put it on my wall and look at it. I had a problem with that idea. I did ask him where were they made, Japan? "Or China," he replied. So much for authenticity. I thought.

As I walked around I noticed other items were being sold. Here is a list:
All weather writing paper, jewelry, safes, small gun safes, stun guns, ear plugs, sauage jerky (at least two stalls), ammunition (lot of it), used guns, knives, scopes, gun purses (these were cute), pistol packs (never thought of that), stuff to clean your guns, guns (duh), flat screen TVs (not sure why), free concealed hand gun clases, t-chirts, back packs, coins, helmets, army stuff, wallets, tools (scissors and pliers, etc.) belts and display cases.

After almost an hour, I had walked the twelve aisles and had my fill of something that I had no interest in, except curiosity. And after the hour my interest is the same as when I walked in - non-existent.

I never grew up with guns although one of my uncles was a police officer, so maybe that is the reason for my non-interest. And I'm that boy that never liked knives. I was a clumsy kid so a knife would have been a bad thing.

I still am clumsy, never grew out of that one. I think I did own a Swiss army knife, but not sure why and have no idea where it is today. It may have been a gift from someone as I would certainly not buy it.

I did enjoy the experience today and it was great to get a window in the world of guns and knives and the people who love them.

Friday, August 14, 2009

All you can jet in 30 days - job permitting

Houston, TX Fri. 14 Aug., 2009. Like many others, I have seen that JetBlue Airways (B6) is offering you to basically fly their system in 30 days for $599 plus some taxes if you head to international destinations.

Being the consummate traveler where it is all about the journey, this looks intriguing. Of course I have specific goals in mind and during that month I have to work so I have to accomplish this task on weekends only, i.e. Friday p.m. to Sunday p.m. This poses mega challenges, but I'm up for it. I also have to justify the cost vs. the goal value.

I've already looked at Jetblue's routes and picked the cities which I've not yet logged and those which I've already visited but would like to visit again time permitting. I have to keep focused as the primary goal is to log 13 new airports in 4 weekend days (12 days) and stay within the rules of the game.

Here are my 13 goal cities:
Aguadilla, PR BQN
Buffalo, NY BUF
Hyannis, MA HYA
Long Beach, CA LGB
Martha's Vineyard, MA MVY
Nantucket, MA ACK
Newburgh, NY SWF
Provincetown, MA PVC
Puerto Plata Dominica Republic POP
Richmond, VA RIC
Rochester, NY ROC
Rutland, VT RUT
Santiago Dominica Republic STI

Here are my 10 time permitting cities:
Aruba AUA
Hamilton, Bermuda BDA
Bogota, Colombia BOG
Bridgetown, Barbados BGI
Cancun, Mexico CUN
Nassau, Bahamas NAS
Montego Bay, Jamaica MBJ
San Jose, Costa Rica SJO
Santo Domingo, Dominica Republic SDQ
St. Maarten, Netherland Antilles

And finally I'd love to re-visit these two cities, but service starts after the end of the promo :-(:

Castries, St. Lucia UVF

Kingston, Jamaica KIN

I'm now armed with my PDF and downloadable schedules that were pointed out to me by @jetblue - at Let the strategy begin.

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Saturday, August 08, 2009

Hanging out at Houston's Hobby and Intercontinental airports

I was hanging out at Houston-Hobby (HOU) and Houston-Intercontinental (IAH) and got a few fantastic videos. Here are a few of them.

Air France Boeing 777-300ER landing at Houston-Intercontinental

Lufthansa Boeing 747-400 landing at Houston-Intercontinental

TACA's Airbus A320 landing at Houston-Intercontinental

Continental Airlines' Boeing 757-300 landing at Houston-Intercontinental

TACA's ERJ-175 landing at Houston-Intercontinental

Southwest Boeing 737 taking off from Houston-Hobby

Southwest Airlines (WN) Boeing 737 with winglets taking off from Houston-Hobby

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50 airlines I follow on twitter

As I go through my travel journeys each weekend I ensure that I'm connected to the Internet so I can send out my tweets and get all kinds of flight information, schedules, maps, destination information, etc.

I follow a number of airlines on twitter most recently, Continental Airlines at Some airlines have multiple ones, but I've only listed the main ones that I follow here. Do you follow any of them?

  1. Aegean Airlines -
  2. Air France -
  3. Air New Zealand -
  4. airTran -
  5. Alaska Airlines -
  6. Allegiant Air -
  7. American Airlines -
  8. Asiana Airlines -
  9. Austrian Airlines -
  10. British Airways -
  11. Continental Airlines -
  12. Copa Airlines -
  13. Czech Airlines -
  14. Delta Air Lines -
  15. El Al (Hebrew) -
  16. JetBlue -
  17. Frontier -
  18. Hawaiian Airlines -
  19. Iberia Airlines -
  20. Indian Airlines -
  21. JetStar -
  22. JetStar Australia -
  23. Kenya Airways -
  24. KLM -
  25. Korean Airlines -
  26. LOT Polish Airlines -
  27. Lufthansa -
  28. Malaysia Airlines -
  29. Meridiana Airlines -
  30. Pet Airways -
  31. Qantas -
  32. Qatar Airways -
  33. SAS -
  34. Singapore Airlines -
  35. Skywest Airlines -
  36. Southwest Airlines -
  37. Spirit Airlines -
  38. Sri Lankan Airlines -
  39. Swiss Airlines -
  40. TAM -
  41. TAP -
  42. Tiger Airways -
  43. Turkish Airlines -
  44. United Airlines -
  45. US Airways
  46. USA 3000 Airlines -
  47. Virgin America -
  48. Virgin Atlantic Airways -
  49. Virgin Blue -
  50. WesJet -
If I've missed any, please leave a comment and I'll add it.

Monday, August 03, 2009

Whitney Houston is back with "I Look To You"

Oftentimes the travel journey discovers other things. I was in San Francisco, CA last weekend and saw people with little fans announcing Whitney Houston's new album, I Look To You which debuts on August 31, 2009. Do we still call things "albums?" :-). You can see the album cover above.

I just had a chance to take a look today, yup been a busy week.

You can listen to this cut above or on her Web page at

She looks quite different now and sound a little, O.K. a lot different as well, but its been 6 years since we've heard from her.

I don't know if I like this song, I want the old Whitney back, but I'm afraid she's gone forever. Let's embrace the new one and see how this new album pans out.

I'm a big fan of Whitney, you?

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Which airport has the funniest code or spells an odd word?

Airport naming is fun and will be the subject of another post, but for this post, let's just make fun of the funny codes and the words they sometimes spell. Check these out.

  • ABE - Allentown/Bethlehem/Easton, PA
  • BAR - Baker Island, AK
  • CAK - Akron/Canton, OH
  • DOH - Doha, Qatar
  • DUB - Dublin, Ireland
  • EAT - Wenatchee, WA
  • FAT - Fresno, CA
  • FUK - Fukuoka, Japan
  • PIS - Poitiers, France
  • POT - Port Antonio, Jamaica [appropriately, I guess]
  • REK - Reykjavik, Iceland
  • ROW - Roswell, NM

You ever been to any of these or do you live in one of them? There are many other gems, which ones are your favorites?

One of my favorite is if you from fly from FRA to NCE you are going to FRANCE.

Leave a comment below please.