Sunday, January 25, 2009

San Jose, CA Jan 2009: Arriving in Houston-Intercontinental, Houston TX (IAH) from Mineta San Jose

25JAN09 Houston-Intercontinental, Houston TX (IAH)

We touched down about 5:53p and had a long taxi into gate C19.  The bus was at 6:11p so I was hoping I caught it.  I was off the plane at 6:00p and walked briskly towards the bus stop.

If I missed it, I would just hang out in the Presidents Club until the next one at 6:51p.  I was in luck, it had not passed as yet, so I was able to take it.  At this rate, I will make it home in time for "The Unit."

San Jose, CA Jan 2009: Mineta San Jose International, San Jose, CA (SJC) to Houston-Intercontinental, Houston TX (IAH)

CO160 25JAN09 Mineta San Jose, San Jose CA (SJC) to Houston-Intercontinental, Houston TX (IAH) 12:19p 6:00p 73G N21723

Flight Time: 3:16

Seat Map

I boarded when it was my turn and immediately headed for the back of the plane once I cleared the temporary tunnel.

The temporary tunnel to the plane.

It was very windy and really cold.  There was a Frontier Airbus A318 pulling away as we made our way up the rear stairs.  It was really noisy but cool to see it all.

I greeted the shivering flight attendant and boarded.  FInding my seat in no time and settling in.

It was fun to see passengers boarding from both entrances and you see the ones who did not check their boarding passes as they go beyond the rows that were earmarked for each stairs.

Overhead space vanished quickly, but the flight attendants were very good about finding room, for every bag.  Kudos.

Soon, the doors closed and we started our pushback along with the safety announcement.  Soon, we were airborne making an extremely steep climb into the cold midday skies.  I think San Jose airport is a noise abatement airport.  This means that the planes has to maintain a particular angle of attack on takeoff which minimizes the amount of noise they make.

Soon after take off, there was a offer for headsets for 1 USD to watch the movie "The Longshots" which was about the first black girl quarterback for the Little League Super Bowl.

After that, while the movie played, lunch was served. It was a charboiled burger with cheese as well as a salad and a Twix for desert.  Both was actually very good.

Drinks came soon after.

I was really tired so I fell asleep.  Added to the fact that I could not move my elbows much so I did not even bother to use the MacBook.  I did read my book for a bit though before falling asleep.

I awoke for the second drink offering, but passed on it and also awoke for a water offering, but passed on that too.

The next time I awoke was to put my tray table up as well as my seat back.  I awoke again once we touched down gently in Houston.

San Jose, CA Jan 2009: Arriving in Mineta San Jose International, San Jose CA (SJC) from San Jose, CA

25JAN09 Mineta San Jose International, San Jose CA (SJC)

Mineta San Jose is set up so that you have to drive by the other Terminal (A) to get to B.  A is in much better shape than B.  You can also see the new construction that is being done to improve the airport.  They are really building a totally new terminal that will serve all airlines.  They seem to have at least another year in my opinion though.

I alighted at the dingy terminal and headed to the kiosks to check-in.  The airport was really light; even the shuttle drive was commenting on how bad its been with the economy the way it is.

I walked around the airport picking up some local transportation brochures first before heading through security.

This was an easy process and before long, I was at the Burger King ordering a chicken salad.  After which I then found a seat that had a power plug nearby.

One thing I have to give this airport credit for, well two things, are: free wifi and that they've placed electrical outlets right behind the seats.  Thank you.

I ate, then got online.  There were many others doing the same thing as well as talking too loudly on their phones.  I think people forget they are in a public space.  Some of the conversations are indeed funny though, but I could do without having to hear them.

I got online for a bit and just goofed off and twittered a few tweets.  Soon, I heard my name called and I got a middle seat about 2/3rds way down the plane.

Boarding commenced shortly after.  It was neat as if you had 18-25 you boarded from the rear stairs otherwise you did the front.  It was awesome.  The also started boarding with row 18 and higher.

San Jose, CA Jan 2009: Leaving San Jose, CA

25JAN09 San Jose, CA

I was up at 9:00a courtesy of my alarm clock.  I got ready and left the hotel so that I could catch the 10:30a airport shuttle bus.

While I waited, I started to take some more pictures and noticed that they were now purple :-(.  Well, that's bummer.  The camera is at it again I guess.  I'll have to check to see if it is the fault of the viewer or that of the camera.

I've been considering getting a Nikon D90, so I have to think closer about that now I guess.  Good grief.  I did play with one this weekend and wow, it is click and rather cool.  I also really like the built in video capability.  It weighs about the same as my current D70S too.

I did see the #10 heading back to the airport from the Light Rail stop, but as I ran to get it, I missed it.  It had stopped for two passengers.

Anyways, dejected, I got on the shuttle to the airport.