Saturday, May 02, 2009

London May 1, 2009: In London

Linked up with friends, had a shower and enjoying the beautiful weather.

One of the fun things about London is people watching :)
Just saw a lady trying to force her way onto the Picadilly Line. The doors are closing and she is forcing her way in. Eventually the doors re-opened for her.
Will have to expedite a passport this week as I'm off to Jamaica on Friday a.m. I will then have to re-do Global Pass :(. I may wait until the next week.
It is a beautiful day out today. It is sunny and not raining. The flight over was good and I was able to get some sleep.
The stupid lift does not say which direction it is going. Heading into Central London now on the Picadilly Line.
Got lectured about my passport being full. Which is why I wanted to use IRIS.
IRIS is busted, so have to join the regular queue :(.
Just arrived in London-Heathrow where it is 9:42a on 2 May 2009. A beautiful day at 55 degrees.