Friday, September 12, 2008

Hurricane Ike: Sound is back

Sound is back; just turned off the cable and my TV. HBO and Showtime still out.

Hurricane Ike: 2nd Big Power flicker

I just had a big power flicker and it took the cable with it, it seems...I can see the channels, but there is no sound. Before all this HBO and Showtime was out; no picture, no sound.

I also lost my Internet connection for a bit too...The winds continue to gust and there is now rain hitting against my window.

I keep hearing something creaking from my neighbors; I am sure it will be dislodged later tonight.

Hurricane Ike: Gusting winds

Here is a video of the winds kicking up...

Hurricane Ike: Light flickering...

gusting winds now...and the power flickered for the second or third time; thought I lost it!

Hurricane Ike: Preparations and the wait

Well, this weekend is being spent in Houston as we wait for Hurricane Ike. This massive storm should create havoc overnight as it passes through our fair city.

I went out this morning and took some preparation pictures, so enjoy...As I type this the wind is gusting pretty good. it is weird, it is first loud, then silence, then loud then silence. No rain just yet. One good thing is that it gives me a chance to clean up my apartment...

Oh, the Internet access is extremely slow...

A view out my window; I somehow don't think this dead tree will make it. Or at least it will have no leaves left on it.

A look down the street; seems normal.

In the other direction.

The local hardware store is quite busy and they are out of D batteries. Since most flashlights use D batteries, you would think they would stock up on more of those, no they have countless AAA and C sizes.

A local apartment gears up.

A few sand bags to keep the water out.

Removing the awning just in case the wind decides to have it for dinner.

My shopping neighbors; not as bad as I expected at all. Except that I could not get any quarters as the Customer Service counter was closed; due to the Hurricane the girl said. Does that make any sense to you? The supermarket closed at 12:30p which does make sense. I eventually got my quarters from the Kolachie Factory after buying breakfast. Alls, I needed was just $2.

Not much bread left on the shelf. This picture is mis-leading as there was a cart off to the right with brown whole wheat bread.

This is not misleading though, this is the paper products aisle.

A closer look.

The parking lot.

I like the design, do you?

Churascos getting the awnings down

More bags of sand.

Looking kind of normal...

The birds are chilling trying to balance on the wires.

I hope this house is O.K.

Plywood to go.

Look at those clouds.