Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Changing times

The last time I bought anti-perspirant deodorant, I noticed that it was 4oz. I was bummed as the TSA requirements is for 3oz in order for me to carry it in my carry-on bag. So, I bought stick which was still 4oz so that I can carry it on the plane, since stick in containers over 3oz was O.K., but not gel. I wondered when this company would make a 3oz gel container.

Well, on Monday, I went on Walgreen's and lo and behold, there it was 3oz gel anti-perspirant deodorant! I was excited until I realized that the price was the same as the 4oz container used to be :-(.

Well, I guess I should be happy as now I can take the gel with me in my carry on as I hate stick.