Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Suhl, Germany: Houston Intercontinental. Houston TX (IAH) to Amsterdam Schipol International, Amsterdam Netherlands (AMS)

CO46 26AUG08 Houston-Intercontinental, Houston TX (IAH) to Amsterdam Schipol International, Amsterdam Netherlands (AMS) 7:10p 11:40a +1 Day 764 N66057

Flight time: 9:00
Seat Map

I boarded and greeted the flight attendant on entry. She actually recognized me from a previous flight. I made my way down to my window seat and settled in. The flight was pretty light so others moved around quite a bit.

We eventually left the gate at about 7:20p or so and made our way in the rainy weather to the runway. In no time, we were cleared for take off and were airborne.

It was cool as on take off, you could see the air making its way over the wing.

This aircraft has individual video monitors in each seat. All movies start at the same time. Here is what the flight had to offer:
  1. Continental Presents House
  2. Leatherheads/Behind the Scenes
  3. Continental Family Channel 1: How to Eat Fried Worms/Animaniacs, Powerpuff Girls
  4. The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian
  5. What Happens in Vegas/30 Rock
  6. Continental Presents CSI
  7. Comedy Programming: Creature Comforts, The Facts of life, Everybody Hates Chris; Welcome to the Captain, The New Adventures of Old Christine, The Cosby Show
  8. The Entertainment Channel
  9. Airshow
In terms of Music selections:
  1. Opera
  2. Now & then
  3. Ambient Groove
  4. Latin Fiesta
  5. Continental Lounge
  6. The Classics
  7. The Hit Factory
  8. Jazz Beat
  9. Continental Talk
  10. Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
  11. Country Roads
  12. Live Broadway
  13. Club Continental
  14. B&B Groove
  15. World Music
  16. B Tween
  17. Hindi Music
  18. Chinese Pop
  19. Shalom
For games, we had:
  1. Chess
  2. Poker
  3. Solitaire
  4. Invasion
  5. Elephant Memory
  6. Bzzz
  7. Blackjack
  8. Crave Crunch
  9. Caveman
  10. Hangman
We were given an before dinner snack of pretzels and drink:

Dinner arrived at 8:48p with a choice of chicken or roast beef; I chose the chicken. It came with vegetables and pasta, a salad and a brownie.

A drink cart followed shortly after, then the thrash was cleared and another drink service followed. I did notify the flight attendant that my entertainment system was broken in both seats and she made a note of it.

I continued to watch the movie, being careful not to touch the headset connection as it seemed so fragile.

I fell asleep soon after dinner, but awoke not too long after as the cabin was really cold. I looked at the map and we were just about under Greenland, but still close to Halifax, NS Canada. I was able to fall asleep again, thank heavens.

With an hour and a half to go as we passed high over the middle of Ireland, we were served a breakfast of a croissant, jam and a bowl of fruits (cantaloupe and grapes).

This was followed up with a beverage service. The thrash was cleared and then another beverage service followed.

After the meal, I took the opportunity to use the lavatories and also to brush my teeth once more.

A video of the arrival expectations for Amsterdam played and then an announcement was made that the entertainment was concluded and that we could keep our headsets for a future flight.

The passengers in BusinessFirst though had to return them. It was also noted that we would start our descent soon and it was a good time to get up and stretch our legs if we needed to. In closing, there is no documentation necessary for Amsterdam, just have your passports ready and if you are connecting, go to T9 for information. Also, there will be a Continental personnel in the airport if you needed further assistance.

At about 75 miles out at 11:27a, the Captain came on the PA and said that we were well into our descent into Amsterdam and we should be on the ground at about 11:42a and then at the gate at 11:50a, parking at G3. The seatbelt sign is on, the winds are out of the SE at 10mph, good visibility with scattered clouds and a temperature of 63F, a little drizzle earlier, but not now.
Enjoy your time in Amsterdam and thank you.

It was now time to prepare for landing.

Suhl, Germany

I'm off to the middle of Germany to a place called Suhl for some R&R. I'm flying to Amsterdam then to Frankfurt or Nuremburg then to Suhl by train.

It was bumper to bumper traffic leaving downtown Houston and I arrived at the Car Rental facility with 4 minutes to spare. Only to be charged for an extra hour by the lady who was goofing off when I got there and made a cell phone call and then came over to me. She goes it goes by the computer and you were late. I told her I was not and i will not pay the charge. So she said I had to go talk to a different person or wait for her to take care of another customer. I thought that was silly since she had not finished taken care of me, how rude.

Anyways, I went to another person who took care of me and reversed the charge.

I then went upstairs and took the bus to Terminal E, only to find out my flight was in Terminal C. I then took the train over there and settled in the Presidents Club for a bit. My phone is not working properly so I am not receiving TripAlerts, hence the reason why I did not know my gate beforehand.

I will go to the gate in about two minutes.