Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Killeen for Christmas 2008: Arriving in Killeen/Ft. Hood, TX (GRK)

24DEC08 Killeen/Ft. Hood, TX (GRK)

We landed at 3:58p then turned off the runway and headed for the terminal. As we pulled up to the terminal, I could see an American Eagle ATR at the gate.

We pulled up to the jetway and then disembarked after our bags were returned to us. I made my way up to the top of the jetway and then headed beyond security. I called my sister and she had just arrived at the airport. In a few minutes, I was in her car and we headed out.

Killeen for Christmas 2008: Arriving at Houston Intercontinental from downtown Houston, TX

Houston Intercontinental, Houston TX (IAH)

Once I arrived at Terminal E, I headed downstairs and took the inter-terminal train. Although it is as slow as molasses, it was the most efficient way to get there.
I made my way up two stories and through security. I was carrying a model of the A380 for one of my nephews, so it showed up on the security screens like a pointed weapon.
I told the guy what it was, but my bag still had to be checked by hand. Once that was over, I ran to the gate A7 which was nearby. While at the counter, I heard the agent made a last call announcement for the flight. I was elated as I thought that it was already gone.

I quickly made my way to the gate, identified myself and she told me to wait and she will see if she can get me on. There was one other lady waiting there as well.

In a few minutes, she made an announcement for two passengers who never showed. She then gave the other lady and myself seats and we boarded right away.

Killeen for Christmas 2008: Leaving downtown Houston, TX

We got to leave work early so I headed out for the airport with two colleagues of mine. One was going to Bombay via Dubai on Emirates (EK) and the other to New York-La Guardia on Continental.

I checked in using enroute. I had less than an hour, but the system still worked so I was elated. I did not think I would make the 2:55p from Terminal A, but I was going to try anyways.

Traffic was not bad, so it was smooth sailing to the airport.