Sunday, September 14, 2008

Hurricane Ike: Houston without lights...

Take a look at how few lights there are around the city.  This is looking towards the Transco Tower which is in the Galleria area from downtown Houston.

Hurricane Ike: The dark drive home...

I had to drive home while it was dark and it was an interesting drive. I had to stop at each intersection. Lots of people out too...

Hurricane Ike: It is a dark night in Houston

Sorry about it being a bit out of focus, but without any lights it is hard to focus on anything.

Hurricane Ike: The Aftermath - Day 2 Continued

A tree fallen over.

This is how we dry clothes now; back to basic.

Traffic lights are out heading into downtown.

There used to be a traffic light atop this sign post.

CenterPoint Energy is on the job.

A downed street sign.

There used to be a sign here, but now it is on the ground; that blue thing you see on the left, just below the sign.

The awning housing is now at the Blockbuster sign.

This used to be on top of a pole...

The pole is on the right where that lamp used to sit.

A butterfly chilling on a car right next to us.

CenterPoint is on the job already.

Before the storm, I was not able to see straight down Westerheimer Road; now I can.

One of the few businesses that are open, the Empire Cafe.

Road blocked by fallen tree; power lines are busted as well.

Queuing up for gas.

I wonder how much it is for gas here? The signs are blow out!

The queue for for gas...not too bad now.

Huricane Ike: More pictures of the Aftermath - Day 2

Just walking around this morning after a massive rain shower over night, the place looks different. The trees and leaves are showing sign of dying; there is no smell as yet, but it is coming I am sure. Wait until it gets hotter and the trash is not picked up! I did see the Center Point Energy folks out and about so that is a good thing.

I've talked with my neighbors more in the past two days than in a year; mostly as I'm not usually home, so there is a good thing about this event.

A local eatery is open; the Empire Cafe and there is power at the intersection of Woodhead and Westheimer so the gas station is open and the lines are getting long.

Fence from a house is down.

Uprooted tree.

The other side of the uprooted tree.

This is the note on the dry cleaner's door.

Blocked street; I put up that tape as there is a downed power line right in the tree.

Not sure why people are still driving under this pole. I did see CenterPoint Energy on a nearby street and they said they've seen it and will get to it when the can.

The only thing holding this pole up are the wires attached to it!

Snapped right at the base.

See how low this stop light is to the taxi?

The walls have moved in quite a bit.

Those wires used to be attached; so no power for me until it is connected again :-(.