Tuesday, January 01, 2008

New Year Trip 2007/2008 : Houston-Intercontinental, Houston TX (IAH) - saw an actor

Oh, I have to mention that I saw Danny Glover while leaving the Lounge earlier today; he was on the phone and trying to check-in at the same time. I wanted to say hello, but between those two task he seemed quited occupied. Also I was on my way to meet my friend who had already arrived.

New Year Trip 2007/2008 : Pictures from Anchorage

New Year Trip 2007/2008 : Just arrived in Houston-Intercontinental, Houston TX (IAH) to Seattle-Tacoma International, Seattle WA (SEA)

I just arrived in Houston and made my way to the Presidents Club. I'm having some crackers and cheese and a beer.

I have to wait for a friend of mine who is coming in from out of town. He just arrived at 12:47p, but he has to go through Immigration and Customs so it will take a while. I'll walk over to Terminal E in a bit.

Good trip, I hope you all have a Happy New Year. You can subscribe to the blog so you get updates as I travel throughout 2008. I look forward to your comments.

New Year Trip 2007/2008 : Seattle-Tacoma International, Seattle WA (SEA) to Houston-Intercontinental, Houston TX (IAH)

CO223 1JAN08 Seattle-Tacoma International, WA (SEA) to Houston-Intercontinental, Houston TX (IAH) 6:20a 12:27p 753 N75858

Flying time: 3:25

I boarded once the process was almost complete and the gate agent asked me if I was not here a few hours ago as she entered my seat number in the system. I said yes, smiled and boarded.

The boarding process was complete and the doors closed, so the flight attendant made an announcement about electronic devices; to turn them off, etc. We pushed back while the demo played over the monitors.

After takeoff, there was an announcement that the movie is “Ratatouille” and that we would have breakfast. Headsets are $1 and beer wine and margaritas are $5. I had seen the movie already on my last jaunt to Asia, but I had actually fell asleep close to the end and think that will occur again on this trip since I’ve not really slept properly just yet. This will perhaps be another one hour of sleep flight again.

You could see the sun rising off the left side of the airplane as we progressed on our journey. The Captain came on and gave his welcome as we leveled off at 35,000’ saying that we should be on time at 12:27p and it is currently 8:53a in Houston. Flying time was 3:25 and there was 10 miles visibility, the clouds were 7,000’ above the surface and the temperature was currently 40F; with a high of 60s low 70s is the weather forecast. All that extra weather information we don’t need again ;). He also talked about keeping your seatbelt securely fastened when seated and also whenever the seatbelt sign is on.

The flight attendant then came around offering headsets. The kid to my left bought two; one for him and the other for his little brother. His mom who was sitting next to me gave him the money in quarters to do so.

My battery died as I typed the last sentence above, so I just went to sleep at that time as I was falling asleep anyways. I was awoken by the arrival of breakfast; a cranberry muffin, cereal with milk and a banana. I ate the muffin and the banana, but not the rest. It actually ended up getting tossed at the end of the flight.

I fell asleep and awoke when I was told to get ready for landing; funny how the human body can just awake for certain things and then go straight back to sleep. I knew we landed, but I was still asleep. We taxied up to teh gate and I stayed seated for a while as people got their stuff and departed.

New Year Trip 2007/2008 : Seattle-Tacoma International, Seattle WA (SEA)

The flight is now re-boarding; First Class first, then passengers from Anchorage, then special assistance and then normal row sequence. So, I'm off and see you in Houston.

New Year Trip 2007/2008 : Ted Stevens Anchorage International, Anchorage, AK (ANC) to Seattle-Tacoma International Seattle, WA (SEA)

CO223 1JAN08 Ted Stevens Anchorage International, Anchorage, AK (ANC) to Seattle-Tacoma International, Seattle WA (SEA) 1:00a 5:20a 753 N75858

Flying time: 3:10

We boarded through the first forward door so I got to walk through the First class cabin. It looked like all the seats were taken; lots of upgrades I think at the last minute might have occurred. There were quite a few guys in military uniforms. I continued on to the Economy cabin and took my aisle seat with the middle seat empty.

The doors soon closed and we pushed back. The safety demonstration came on and was over, then we took to the runway and was airborne in no time.

The movie tonight is “No Reservations” with Kathryn Zeta Jones; I had already seen it, well most of it and it is O.K. for an airplane. Headsets were offered for $1. We were served two packs of honey roasted peanuts and some beverages; alcoholic drinks are $5. I ate the peanuts carefully while I worked on the computer, updating the blog for upload later when I arrived in Seattle.

Eventually, I fell asleep as the battery actually died on this computer. At that time, I started using the other computer that I had with me and catching up with some work e-mail, etc. I was awoken by the flight attendant’s announcement to prepare the cabin for landing. I pulled my seat forward and went back to sleep.

We had a smooth landing and then taxied to the gate. I had the option of staying on board or getting off the plane, so I got off the plane as I was a bit on the hungry side as 7 hours of just peanuts would not cut it.

New Year Trip 2007/2008 : Seattle-Tacoma International, Seattle WA (SEA)

I just arrived in SeaTac at 5:20a. I am a bit sleepy to say the least and it is still dark out.

I went back to the Presidents Club and the same lady was n duty; she echoed my name and welcomed me in and asked for my card. She also said Happy New Year and asked jokingly if I was in the airport the whole time...I laughed and said, No, I went to Anchorage.

I'm having a breakfast of a banana, a bagel with cream cheese and some orange juice while I wait to re-board the flight.

New Year Trip 2007/2008: Ted Stevens Anchorage International, Anchorage AK (ANC)

Happy New Year!

I took a walk to the main terminal and then back; it is cold out there...Time to get out of here, more updates when I get to Seattle.

New Year Trip 2007/2008: Video from Ted Stevens Inernational (ANC)

I took this video as I walked between terminals just as midnight struck on Jan. 1, 2008