Saturday, September 13, 2008

Hurricane Ike: The Aftermath - Downtown Houston

I don't know what that gray thing is, but I'm certain it is not supposed to be there.

Debris along Pease St.


A broken street sign and debris

The old Enron Bldg. with broken windows.

Here is the street sign for this street, except it is at the bus stop.

This is supposed to be on the pole above the street.

Looking down the main street (Smith).

Broken awning.

Broken glass on the Chevron Building.

Only one broken window on the Continental Center.

This sign used to be on the street.

Look at how high this one is broken.

Broken glass on the ground.

Hurricane Ike: The Aftermath - some pictures

Look at the massive root!

This tree fell on the playground.

This fence got blown down.

All the cars looked like this one.

Huricane Ike: The Aftermath - Downed powerlines and trees

Hurricane Ike: The Aftermath

Well, I lost power at 3:32a with a bang!  So I just went to bed as there was nothing more to see.  I did look outside and I think my neighbor across the way had power so I could see the rain coming across the way; incredible!

I had never seen wind and water move so fast!

I awoke this morning after the storm had passed and it was jsut raining pretty badly.  I later went out to take a look like everyone else.  WOW!  Trees and leaves everywhere; massive trees are laying on their sides on houses and/or power anc telephone lines.  People are really cool.  Houstonians don't walk anywhere so it was odd to see so many people on the street.  Helping each other to clear the trees from the blocked streets as well as the leaves from the drainages.

I have a ton of pictures of course and will load them as time allows.  I do have water, but with low pressure and it may take a while for us to get power back as there are two downed trees on my street that have busted the major power lines.

Hurricane Ike: The Eyewall is here

Hurricane Ike: The Eyewall is here

So I opened my door and looked out. The door is wet so it means that rain is blowing in on it. It was then that a gust blew across my door and out to the street! The intensity is nothing like I've seen before. Then the wind and rain made its way down my street like a 100m sprinter. It is fantastic to see. i took a video and some pics.

I've had many flickers of power and Internet going out, but thankfully it is still holding. I did notice a power line a lot lower than it should be almost touching one of the cars in the parking lot.

The TV is saying that we should have another 8-9 more hours of rain as the storm is so slow moving. my power just blipped.

1,250 calls in the last 24 hours so things are happening. 311 is shut down, so only 911 can be called. Two of my friend have texted me to say they are out of power.

Hurricane Ike: Another power blip

Just had a power blip; a big one followed by two winks...
It is raining like crazy and very windy...I mean it sounds like the wind wants to come inside and the

According to the TV, the wall should come by at 3:11, in 33 minutes. It is weird as there is lightening as well as winds gusting and just rain.

I looked outside my bathroom window and the rain is blowing directing at the window, hence the constant noise I hear there...

Hurricane Ike: Gusting winds and rain continues

It is raining like crazy now...It feels like it wants to come inside; I hope the window holds. I've placed a piece of plastic there just in case it does not...

The power keeps taking a hit; you can hear the refrigerator's motor dips each time the power fluctuates.

Landfall was 2:10a, at Galveston. The eye is over Galveston now, so about 50 miles away from me.

Hurricane Ike: Another video

It is dark, but you can hear the rain and wind.

Hurricane Ike: Lots of rain and wind

Internet back up and power is good and TV works again...
Lots of rain and wind gusting...It is hitting my window pretty hard.
Just heard a report of a fire downtown at one of the big restaurants in Houston (Brennan's).
Just heard an explosion which usually means a transformer blowing!

Hurricane Ike: Internet is down

I think my Internet connection is down; using my neighbor's now... I still have a green light, but I don't think it is working...

Hurricane Ike: 3rd. Big Power flicker

Had a major flicker and lost the Internet for a bit...
I think the next one will take out the power...So far I still have power.
Gusting wind, rain and lightening is happening outside...