Saturday, December 27, 2008

Paris Dec. 2008: Arriving in Paris-Charles de Gaulle, Paris France (CDG)

27DEC08 Paris Charles de Gaulle, Paris France (CDG)

We touched down just after 11:00a and taxied into the gate. We deplaned and then headed through Immigration and Customs. It was my colleague's first time, so I led the way. We actually met up with another of my colleagues who was on the flight and we all walked to the trains.

We made our way to the RER B train station just below the airport Sheraton between Terminals C and F. We tried to use the kiosks to buy our tickets, but they don't dispense the day passes just the one way to Paris for 8.40 EUR and the 1.40 EUR single journey tickets for the city.

It took us about twenty minutes to get our tickets after which we headed for the trains. A word of caution, be really careful on the trains from the airport as there are pickpockets operating. Trust no one really.