Friday, December 26, 2008

Paris Dec. 2008: Arriving in Houston-Intercontinental, Houston TX (IAH) from downtown Houston, TX

26DEC08 Houston-Intercontinental, Houston TX (IAH)

It took us a while to find a parking spot as most of the lots were full. Amazing!

We made it through security and then towards the Presidents Club in Terminal E. The flight to Paris was really full and there was a strong possibility that we would not make it.

I was busy checking other possibilities. On tap were Vancouver, BC Canada (YVR) and Toronto, ON Canada (YYZ) but those flights had their own dynamics, so we just waited in the Club and enjoyed the wait.

While we waited, I ended up checking hotels. Sadly, the hotel price we found the day before was no longer available.

At about 5:45p, we both got our seats, me in BusinessFirst and my colleague in Economy class. We then left for the gate. Once there I asked the agent if I can get the Economy class seat as my colleague and I could sit together and she did.

Just before boarding, I was able to book the hotel at the new rate. It was an Accor hotel that had a view of the Eiffel Tower.

We then boarded in a bit as the flight was delayed. Apparently, the inbound was late arriving. I think it had actually just come back from Paris. These 767-400s are work horses.

Paris Dec. 2008: Leaving downtown Houston

My colleague picked me up about 3:45p. He was not yet checked in, so I did so using the kiosk. Traffic was pretty light so it was smooth sailing getting to the airport. There was not even any need to use the HOV lane.

Paris Dec. 2008

It's been a while since I've been to Paris so a colleague and I are heading there later today.