Monday, September 29, 2008

San Francisco, CA September 2008: San Francisco International, San Francisco CA (SFO) to Houston Intercontinental, Houston TX (IAH)

CO1444 29SEP08 San Francisco International, San Francisco CA (SFO) to Houston Intercontinental, Houston TX (IAH) 8:05a 1:48p 739 N??419

Flight Time: 3:20
Seat Map

The jetway was still backed up so it took a few minutes to make it onto the airplane. I greeted the flight attendant who greeted me back, then I continued through the twenty leather seats configured in a 2-2 configuration. Finally, I made my way to the Economy class cabin which is configured in a 3-3 configuration with an extra lavatory just behind First class.

The doors closed at 8:04a and three minutes later, we pushed back as the flight attendants did the manual safety demo. This aircraft is not yet equipped with any entertainment system, so there are no screens. It does have power ports at every seat in First class and two to every row of three seats in Economy class, but they are not yet powered up.

As we taxied out, the Captain advised the flight attendants to take their seats at 8:12a and three minutes later, we commenced our takeoff roll, climbing into the foggy morning skies.

After takeoff, the lead flight attendant advised that alcoholic beverages were 5 USD, other beverages were complimentary and that we would have breakfast on our way to Houston this morning. No mention was made of any entertainment or lack there of. I did check below my seat and felt the electrical plugs, but did not bother to try them as I figured they would not be working either. I did see the little sticker similar to what I'd seen on the other airplane on the bulkhead in front of me.

The position of this seat is actually crappy, as people stand there waiting for the bathroom which is actually right across from that seat. The legroom is fantastic though! Also, when the flight attendants go from the first class cabin to Economy, invariably they bump your shoulder as you go by. So do other people waiting for the lavatory.

It was 8:35a when the beverage service arrived. I had some apple juice as well as some hot water so I could have my lemon and ginger tea. In a few minutes, breakfast arrived. It consisted of a banana, a muffin, milk and cornflakes.

I had taken out my computer and started to sort out some of the pictures I had taken all weekend. I had to close it to eat as there is not much room to accommodate it and the meal. At that point the guy next to me said hello and we started a very lively conversation. He was actually quite the traveler and had been to about 35 countries. I applauded him, he was equally impressed at my 82.

A second drink service commenced at 9:24a; I declined as I'd had enough to drink at this point. I started watching one of the TV shows I'd downloaded from the BBC and actually fell asleep about 15 minutes into it. I was really tired having gotten up at 4:40a.

I did hear the Captain say that it was now 83F and sunny and that we were starting our descent and he anticipated an ontime arrival at 1:48p. I was soon awoken to get ready for landing, then I went right back to sleep.

San Francisco, CA September 2008: Departing San Francisco International, San Francisco, CA (SFO) for Houston, TX

San Francisco International, San Francisco CA (SFO)

I "detrained" [is that a word, like deplaned?] and then took the airport train to Terminal 1 where I alighted and headed to the Presidents Club.

I hate taking BART as the process is so much longer than the bus. the KX only takes about twenty minutes and I get dropped off right outside my terminal. it is also cheaper at $4.00 as opposed to $5.35 on the train.

I checked in at the club and had a breakfast of a bagel with cream cheese, a banana and some juice. I took some time to check e-mail and the status of my flight. Doesn't look too god, but will see.

At about 7:05a, I headed to the gate; the line at security was building, but it did not take too long to clear it. At the gate, I waited until about 7:45a, at which point I got a seat. I went around to the gate and boarded when it was my turn, which happened to be the last group as I was seated jus tbehind the First class cabin.

San Francisco, CA September 2008: Leaving downtown San Francisco

29SEP08 San Francisco, CA

My phone rang at 4:40a, it was my friend who was in the city for the weekend telling me that he had arrived in Newark and was on his way to Atlanta, GA. I groggyily acknowledged him and advised that I was sitll sleeping as my flight was at 8:05a; he thought it was at 6:00a. Grrrr.

I went back to sleep and awoke at 5:00a when the alarm clock on my phone went off. I got ready and was out of there by 5:35a. I made it to the platofrm at 5:45a, missing the 5:44a train to the airport. I had considered taking the KX, but they don't run too often at this hour and I did not feel like waiting in the dark at that

bus stop. Also, I had no change and when I asked the hotel guy, he had none either.

At 5:59a, a 9-car train showed up and I boarded along with other airport bound passengers. It was 6:30a, when the train pulled into the station at the airport.