Friday, October 03, 2008

Rotterdam, Netherlands Oct. 2008: Arriving in Houston Intercontinental from downtown Houston

Houston intercontinental, Houston TX (IAH) Terminal E

I was glad that we made it to the Terminal in one piece. The trainee driver looked really frazzled as we departed. That hitting the curb really shook him up.

Clearing security was not an issue. I then went to get a ticket for the Rotterdam to Heathrow segment of my trip. We called my other colleague who had already arrived at the Presidents Club.
She was relaxing and waiting for us. In a few minutes we joined her there.

After a round of beverages, we then headed for the gate at 6:45p. As we approached the field, I realized that everyone had already boarded. The agents seem bored as they waited for us. They re-printed our boarding passed and we boarded right away.

Rotterdam, Netherlands Oct. 2008: Leaving downtown Houston

Downtown Houston, TX

It was 5:31p when we left work and headed for the airport. There was a lot of traffic so it was really slow going for a while. Once we got to US59, we took the HOV lane as the traffic was horrendous. As we neared Greens Rd., we noticed a motorcycle accident; this was the reason for the traffic.

We exited at the airport and decided to use the Parking Spot 2 facility as we were early enough. As it turned out, they were going to Terminal E so it all worked out. As we neared Terminal e, the trainee driver hit the curve as he moved over so he could get us to Terminal E.

Rotterdam, Netherlands Oct. 2008

I have not yet logged the Rotterdam airport so it is time. I have been to Rotterdam before though.

I noticed that in Heathrow KLM has a Fokker F50 there each time I use the airport. I checked and it goes to Rotterdam, Netherlands (RTM). It is so funny to see this small 50-seater airplane next to all the other large airplanes. I want to say that it is the smallest scheduled service passenger aircraft flying into Heathrow.

So the plan is to fly into Amsterdam tonight, train it to Rotterdam, then on Sunday fly into Heathrow, spend the night in London and ten fly back home on Monday. I'd fly into Heathrow and then take the flight to Rotterdam, but on Saturdays, the flight leaves at 10:05a, which does not connect nicely with my 9:35a arrival from the U.S.

I'm dragging two of my colleagues with me to Rotterdam as well, so it will be fun! Maybe a third who is undecided at the moment.