Saturday, January 10, 2009

CES 2009 in pictures - Las, Vegas NV (LAS)

CES 2009

I had missed the Consumer Electronics Show last year and had to remind myself to attend this year. The flights going out there were looking really good, but coming back not so good as I would have to do some back flying to make it all happen.

I awoke really early on Saturday morning and by 6:05a, I was at the rental car facility. I dropped off the car and then headed for the terminal via the shuttle bus. My departure gate was E20, but the Terminal E buses runs really bad, so I just took a Terminal C bus and walked over to the E and then cleared security.

I actually had just enough time to get a bagel and two mini muffins from the Presidents Club before heading down to the gate at about 6:44a. As I was tired I boarded and waited for the flight to depart.