Monday, September 15, 2008

Hurricane Ike: A friend's video

Hurricane Ike: The Immediate Aftermath - Sat. 13 Sept. 2008

This tree had leaves when it all started.

The storm drain at the end of our street; we had to use our hands to removes the leaves.
Nice and clear now...During the storm the leaves packed up in the drain and thus the street was flooded.

The S.W.A.T. making sure all is well.
A blocked street; this tree took down the high power lines and is one of the source of our power loss.
Anyone for a lamp shade?

Remember the movie "V"?

I thought it was spectacular how this tree split! Was it hit by lightning?

Hurricane Ike: The Immediate Aftermath - Sat. 13 Sept. 008

crack, snap!

This looks like part of the gutter on the house.

I think the car is O.K.

The sheer force of the storm!

The sheer power of the storm is demonstrated here.

More downed power lines.

I don't know why this street is free of debris, but it is. It is the only street in the neighborhood that looks like this. Incredible.

Hurricane Ike: The Immediate Aftermath - Sat. Sept. 13, 2008

Downed power lines in the water.

Another downed power line.

The pole is still standing, but the lines are down.

This tree crashed just shy of the car thankfully; it did bring down the phone line though.

Down and out.

Missing that little thing on the left for the high power lines.

The white thing used to be on the top of the pole.

This is a very big tree that is now uprooted.

The tree is just resting on the roof. Not sure how much damage.