Sunday, November 16, 2008

London Nov. 14, 2008: London Heathrow

16NOV08 London Heathrow, London England (LHR)

I checked in without any issues and cleared the security area in no time as there was only one other person in the entire security area.

I then headed for the Holideck as I had a bunch of online work I needed to do. Once there, I got settled in and powered up. Unfortunately, I could not connect to the Internet despite many tries. I asked a few others and they had the same issues.

I spoke to the Agent and he plugged in and out the router, but no luck. I asked him to call the IT guy like he had done the last time, but no go.

At 10:45a, and annoyed, I left the Lounge and headed for gate 2 where I collected my boarding pass for my Economy class window seat.

London Nov 14, 2008: In Central London

16NOV08 Central London

I awoke at about 6:00a to the sound of my alarm clock on the G1. Grrr...I was still tired. I looked outside and it was still dark.

It was 8:15a when I got on the road and headed for the tube station. It was 9:38a when I pulled into Terminal 4 compliments of the Picadilly Line.