Friday, July 18, 2008

Farnborough Airshow 2008: It was FAB

If you don't know, the airport code for Farnborough is FAB...

Here are some pics to tide you over.

More Photos and videos to follow...

Farnborough 2008: Ariving in Houston Intercontinental (IAH) from London Heathrow (LHR)

18JUL08 Houston Intercontinental, Houston TX (IAH)

We touched down on the far runway, 8L I think at 4:48p. It was a really smooth landing and the guy next to me and I commented on it as we turned off the runway.

We waited for a sec and then crossed the second parallel runway and made our way to gate D12 at 4:56p. I was expecting Terminal E, but I guess the gates were full over there since we are a bit tardy.

To add to our lateness, the agent could not get the jetway to the plane, so it took about 15 minutes for the doors to open.

I finally deplaned and headed for Immigration where there was no line and it was easy to get through. After a quick pass through Customs, I headed to Terminal C for the bus. Sadly, I just missed the 5:29p bus so had to wait for the 6:09p.

Farnborough 2008: Arriving in London-Gatwick International from Houston Intercontinental (IAH)

18JUL08 London-Gatwick International, London England (LGW)

We touched down at 7:16a on runway 8L. We crossed the right parallel runway, 8R and then turned right and taxied back to the terminal.

We passed a few airplanes that I'd not seen before. It's been a while since I landed in Gatwick; I think the last time was in March of this year.

I don't know who is operating this white A321.

There must be a Sheik in town.

So I did not realize that easyJet got Airbus A321. When did they get those?

Eventually, we taxied up to our gate at the Satellite terminal with a First Choice Boeing 757-200 on our left.

I deplaned and caught up with one of my colleagues. We talked all the way to the Immigration counter, where he went to the UK residents line.

We would have both used the IRIS as the line were really long, but unfortunately, it was broken. It was broken the last time I was in Gatwick in March! :-(. It was 7:36a when I got on the queue and 8:40a when I saw an Officer...

I did a quick change in the bathroom and then headed through Customs. I checked if there was a bus to Farnborough from Gatwick, but there was not. I then headed to the South Terminal and got the next possible train to Farnborough via Clapham Junction.