Thursday, July 17, 2008

Farnborough 2008: Departing Downtown Houston, TX

Downtown Houston, TX

I departed work at about 1:02p and made my way to the bus stop. I realized that I did not have any change for the bus, so I had to buy a bottle of water from the coffee shop to get some change.

I walked to the stop in the blistering Houston heat; it was horrible!

1:19p arrived and no bus. So I called up Metro and was told that the bus had broken down and the next one was at 2:05p and would arrive at 3:15p. Well that sucks as so much for my airport plans - get a ticket on another airline, hang out in the Club for a bit, check e-mail, etc.

There was an apology, but does that really help? A replacement bus would have...

The bus did arrive as I finished my bottle of water. Promptly though at 3:15p, it pulled into Terminal C.

I made my way over to the E Terminal without any issues at security. I stopped for a bit outside the Club and checked e-mail and hotel information using the WiFi signal from the Club. It would have taken too long to get my card out and have it swiped, go upstairs and sit down.

After I was done, I headed for gate E18. Once there, I got a seat in BusinessFirst on the 767-400 so that was a very good thing indeed. Boarding had already started so I just showed my boarding pass and entered through the empty Elite Access lane.