Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Google Android G1 Phone: My thoughts

The gPhone (that is my name for the G1 :-)) is O.K. it was not too intuitive to figure out how to change the battery and I could not get to the little flap open that covers the storage card. Eventually a friend of mine opened it and used the stylus for his phone to remove it and then used it to put it back in.

My fingers seem to be too big for the web items, but it does have a feature that can zoom out so that should help.

It does fit in my shirt and pants pocket so that is a good thing and once I figure it out I can blog. I can also access the net from almost anywhere and blog too. So watch for this blog to come mostly from there although the typing is a bit clugy at times.

It does not have a flash on the camera, so I have not had a chance to take a picture just yet as everywhere I've been is always dark.

My friend here in San Antonio is more excited about that I am :-).

The Google Android G1 Phone: Arriving in San Antonio International from Houston TX (IAH)

San Antonio International, San Antonio TX (SAT)

It was 8:24p when we touched down in San Antonio. I turned on the phone and my friend had called me saying that he was waiting just outside for me. I told him I had to stop and send a work-related e-mail.

In about four or so minutes, we made it to the gate. I got off the plane and headed for the Presidents Club. I hung outside for a bit as it was closed, sent my e-mail and then headed outside.

There is massive construction going on so the pickup area is way off from the terminal now. I saw my friend almost immediately, greeted him, got in the car and started talking Android almost immediately.

The Google Android G1 Phone: Houston Intercontinental, Houston TX (IAH) to San Antonio International, San Antonio TX (SAT)

CO479 21OCT08 Houston Intercontinental, Houston TX (IAH) to San Antonio International, San Antonio TX (SAT) 7:20p 8:24p 738 N??267

Flight Time: 0:36
Seat Map

I went to the seat I was assigned, but there was someone sitting there so I took the open window seat; the middle was empty. This flight was pretty light so there were many empty seats.

I had just enough time to make a call to my friend in San Antonio advising him that I was on my way.

I looked to my left and saw a Boeing 777-200 there. Odd, one of the flights to Europe must be late. It is either the Paris-bound or the London-Heathrow-bound flight, I was not sure which.

The door closed at 7:18p and by 7:22p we pushed back with the safety video playing as we did so. The Captain had come on the PA and advised that we were held up due to congestion behind.

It was 7:45p when we took to the skies from runway 15L.

Immediately after takeoff, we were offered a pack of stadium style peanut and then a beverage; I opted for some water and apple juice. I was trying to get down the tray table that was in the middle and it would not budge; what I did not realize was that the guy at the aisle knee was blocking it; I apologized profusely and he laughed. Geez, how silly could I be? I felt like a real dingbat.

At 7:59p we were level at 24,000', the Capt. came on and said we will go into gate 30 or 31 and we should be in just shy of the 73F and clear skies. Have a good night on this short flight.

At 8:05p, we started our descent into San Antonio, soon after the flight attendants came by and cleaned up before we landed.

The Google Android G1 Phone: Arriving in Houston Intercontinental, Houston TX (IAH)

Houston Intercontinental, Houston TX (IAH)

It was 7:07p when the #102 arrived at Terminal C. I bolted off the bus, holding my top pocket and my backpack as I headed for the departure level. I went up one more level up and followed the signs to Terminal E. I was hoping that the parking lot entrance was not closed as that would have ended this run.

I was in luck it was still open and there was onyl one guy going through. I showed my documents to the TSA office noting for future reference that it is closed from 8:30p to 5:30a. I cleared security as fast as I could and then darted for the closed doors at the end of the corridor.

I almost ran into the stationary doors as I was not sure which ones would open. Quick thinking avoided certain disaster. It was now 7:10p and I had to make it to E-19, the last gate in Terminal E. At one point, I thought I should just stop for fear of just passing out, but I continued as fast as my legs could take me.

I rounded the corner at gate E-24 and saw a red coat all the way at the end. I had a feeling he was looking out for runners; me. I tried to move faster, but my legs were low on oxygen so I just kept my already quickened pace. As I neared him, he shouted nicely "San Antonio?' I said an out of breath "yes" and nodded.

The agent then gave me my boarding pass and sent me down the jetway.

I can't believe it, I made it.

The Google Android G1 Phone: Leaving Downtown TX.

I have a friend in San Antonio, TX who is a techno geek. He was the one that told me when the Android was going to be available. I had told him that when I get it I will come see him so we can play with it. Well, here goes.

I left my house at about 5:35p and headed for the bus stop. It was 5:45p when the bus showed up and 6:05p when we arrived downtown. I had no idea whether or not a bus was in the vicinity, but I just hoped. I saw one coming in the distance and as it drew nearer, it was the 102.

Houston is an odd city, people who live in the suburbs actually line up for the bus one behind each other neatly. I have not see that in any other city I've visited, perhaps except for Japan where commuters queue for the trains. It is interesting to see. The folks for the 102 did not queue, there was maybe 5 or 6 of us.

While on the bus, I continued to figure out the new G1 Android phone. I had expected to see all my phone numbers in the Contact section, but that was not the case. So I called T-Mobile and asked them what was up with it. It was painful. The lady who answered the phone transferred me to the PDA Blackberry desk; odd I thought since they just launched the G1.

The guy then asked me for my phone number, which I though was ridiculous; annoyed I asked him if the lady had not told him what was up; he said no. I told him my issue and he advised me that it is necessary to download my contacts to the phone. You would think when I touched Contacts for the first time, there would have been an intuitive message giving me some direction?

We had a bad connection and eventually, I lost him as I was on the bus. I then figured it out myself and just downloaded the contacts, which I think doubled up for some weird reason.

The Google Android G1 Phone

My Motorola flip phone died a few months back. One of colleagues, Dave lent me his RAZR until I could get the next best thing. Thanks Dave!

As it turns out it is the new Android G1 made by HTC, which arrived by UPS today at about 3:30p. Now I can be a true techno road warrior or can I?

The UPS guy said I was his 112th delivery of the phone for the day and he had 70 more to go and he can't wait to get rid of them :-)...

Here are first look. It is charging now, so no screen shots as yet.

It is really nicely packaged.

Compared to the Motorola RAZR