Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year

Thanks for following me around the world in 2008. See you in 2009.

Calgary Dec. 2008

I wanted to spend New Year's in yet another country. It was going to be UAE, but that did not work well, so I'm headed to Canada.

I awoke at about 8:40a, so that ruled out the 9:00a flight to Calgary, AB Canada (YYC). My next opportunity is at 11:00a. Could I do it.

I got ready and left the house at 9:39a, without a prayer of getting to the airport ontime using public transportation. The plan was to take the #82 to the #500 (that expensive bus to the airport). But it leaves at 10:00a and arrives at 10:30a.

Luckily as I came downstairs, I saw my neighbor and he offered to take me to the downtown transit center so I could take the bus.

I arrived at the station at 9:51a. The place was deserted and I was the only passenger. I topped up my card by adding $20 to it, well I got a new card as I can't find my other one. No hassle this time. As I was boarding another passenger showed up. I talked with him for a bit and he says he is taking hte bus as he is a poor college student; umm... I though, the #102 is $1.25 this bus is $15, what kind of student are you?