Friday, October 31, 2008

amsterdam/london: At Houston Intercontinental. Houston TX (IAH)

At the airport, I proceeded through security and as the TSA agent as not paying attention, my computer fell to the floor. I called it to their attention and one agent claimed it was my fault. of course I was angry about it, but remained calm. The drop had pulled the battery cover over and now it was hanging by one screw.

After a long talk, they gave me a card so I can email the TSA. I will wait until I am more calm to do so. I then proceed to the Presidents Club where a beverage calmed me down.

I will get to the gate in a bit.

amsterdam/london: driving to the airport

We left work about 4:40p and headed to the airport. Traffic was pretty bad as we headed out, but as we too the HOV lane we had no issues arriving at the airport at about 5:45p.

Where to go this weekend?

Well, I have a few choices this weekend, Sweden/London or Amsterdam/London or Houston/London.

Looks like Amsterdam/London has won out.