Thursday, March 20, 2008

SQ62 at Houston Intercontinental: Two videos

A video of the arrival

A video of the water cannon salute; I had focusing issues due to the darkness, so you only got the end of it.

SQ62 at Houston Intercontinental in pictures

The inaugural arrival of Singapore Airlines (SQ) 62 at Houston-George Bush Intercontinental, Houston TX (IAH) on March 20, 2008 at 11:02p local time.

From SQ's web site at
20th March 2008 - Thursday - Flight Number SQ62 / Aircraft (B777-300ER)
Airport Scheduled Actual Status
Departure From Singapore (SIN) Terminal 2 09:45 10:19 Departed
Arrival In Moscow (DME) 16:00 16:09 Arrived
Departure From Moscow (DME) 17:30 17:50 Departed
Arrival In Houston (IAH) 22:20 23:02 Arrived

The firetrucks wait before the arrival.

First sighting after landing at IAH.

Another sighting as it moves through the night to the International Arrivals at Terminal D.

The water cannon salute that is traditional when a new airline and/or aircraft type visits an airport.

It is all over now.

SQ62 at Houston Intercontinental: Arriving at the airport

Myself and one of my colleagues decided to get to the airport to see the arrival of Singapore Airlines (SQ) 62 on March 20, 2008. We left downtown about 9:47p as the 10:20p arrival was delayed until 11:02p.

We arrived at the airport in no time and waited for the flight to arrive. There were about 10 or so people on the roof parking lot at Terminal E with the same idea in mind.

At about 10:50p or so, we saw that it switched runways, so we ran across to the other side to try and get a shot. Here you can see the airport entrance and the ticket counter. At this link, you can see pictures of the airplane's arrival.