Sunday, November 09, 2008

Chicago Nov. 2008: Arriving in Houston Intercontinental, Houston TX (IAH) from Chicago O'Hare, Chicago IL (ORD)

We touched down safely and made our way to the gate. I was still sleeping as we did so. At the gate, I continued to sleep as I was in the back of the plane and had to wait quite a long time for everyone to get out.

Eventually, I made it to the front of the plane, being almost the last one off.

At 4:55p, I called the Metro bus and found out that the next bus was due right now. I looked out the window ans saw the bus coming. I tried to run for it, but I was delayed as the escalator was packed with travelers.

By the time I made it to the bus, it was leaving. I had all but given up, when I saw a guy running to catch it and the door opened for him. I ran as fast as I could, but the doors closed before I got there. I banged on the side of the bus and the door as the driver was waiting to pull out and he opened the door for me. Yes! The next bus was 30 minutes away.

As it turns out one of my colleagues was also on the same bus.

Chicago Nov. 2008: Chicago O'Hare International, Chicago, IL (ORD) to Houston Intercontinental, Houston TX (IAH)

CO547 9NOV08 Chicago O'Hare International, Chicago IL (ORD) to Houston-Intercontinental, Houston TX (IAH) 2:00p 4:46p 733 N??356

Flight Time: 2:15
Seat Map

I boarded and said hello to the flight attendants in the galley. I made my way past the First class cabin with its twelve leather seats in a 2-2 configuration. The Economy class section followed with cloth seats in a 3-3 configuration (112 seats).

I made my way to my seat finding a place for my bag and jacket in the overhead. The flight attendant was telling passengers to put their coats up only after the large bags have been placed. After the bags were placed, she then walked back through the cabin asking for coats and placing them in the overhead bins.

Soon everyone was onboard and we were ready to go.

The manual flight attendant PA commenced and was soon followed by our push back at 1:59p. I could not really see outside well as the lady at the window had one closed and the other about 1/4 closed.

We took to the runway quickly and were airborne in no time.

Soon after takeoff, we were each served a pack of pretzel. Beverages followed later. While I ate, I watched an episode of Merlin, a British TV show. This aircraft has no entertainment system, so you have to find other ways of entertaining yourself.

A lady moved to the empty seat behind me as something had happened at her seat. I was not sure what the situation was, but I think two people were making out next to her.

After that I started to watch another show, but fell asleep, so I stopped the play. I heard myself snoring, so I awoke and then went back to sleep. Before I know it, it was time to put our stuff together and prepare for landing.

Chicago Nov. 2008: Chicago O'Hare International, Chicago, IL

At the gate, it was not long before I got a seat, albeit a middle one. As it was my turn to board, I did so.

Chicago Nov. 2008: Arriving in Chicago O'Hare International, Chicago IL (ORD) from downtown Chicago

The airport was a mess with really long lines. Eventually, I navigated my way through and headed for the shared Northwest Airlines/Continental Airlines Presidents Club.

It was a bit crowded as people waited for their flight. I could see the airplane taxiing into the gate, having just landed. There was also a US Airways Airbus A320 parked at the gate.

I settled in and waited for the flight to start boarding.

Chicago Nov. 2008: Leaving downton Chicago, IL

I was up at about 10:00a and at 11:30a, two of my friends came by to pick me up and show me their new place.

It is a really nice two bedroom condo near the Lake. After that we left and headed for the airport arriving at 12:38p. Way before my planned 1:00p arrival.