Thursday, January 17, 2008

Monterrey, Mexico (MTY): Back in Houston, TX (IAH)

We taxied up to the gate which took quite a while to accomplish as we had landed on the Terminal E side of the airport. We docked at D3 and had a really long walk to get back to the International Arrivals building. It is at least a 7-10 minutes walk.

The Immigration officer did not respond to my Hello, he just wrote on my form and said "Next.' How rude I thought as I said thank you and left. He did the same thing to the person behind me sadly.

We made it downstairs and out of Customs where a Hello to the lady there yielded a hello back and a smile; what a difference.

One of my colleagues said the agent asked her "where are her people from?" which I thought was funny...

We then headed for the parking lot and headed home in the cold dreary night weather.

Monterrey, Mexico (MTY): CO2115 17JAN08 Monterrey, Mexico (MTY) to Houston-Intercontinental. Houston, TX (IAH)

CO2115 17JAN08 Monterrey, Mexico (MTY) to Houston-Intercontinental, Houston, TX (IAH) N15948 ERJ 6:05p 7:30p

We all boarded as quickly as possible and settled in. There was a Delta Connection CRJ on the left of us and there was also an Aviacsa Boeing 737-200 being pushed back so the noise level was enormous. the quiet of the 1-2 50 leather seats was quite welcomed. I said hello to the flight attendant and she acknowledge it, which usually means a good crew.

I switched seat with a lady who was traveling with two kids and her daughter so they could be together; it was an even swap; a window for a window and all were happy. They each got to sit next to one child.

At 6:20p, the doors closed and a minute later, we pushed back from the hard stand then taxied out to the runway; it was still quite hazy and raining as nightfall arrived on the airport.

The English safety demo started as we made our pushback followed by the Spanish version.

There was a Mexicana A319 landing on runway 29 as we waited. We were behind a Boeing 737-300 with markings that were not exactly visible from where I was sitting. There were several new carriers that I saw here in Monterrey; Aladia, interjet and Magni Charters to name three of them and of course Aviacsa, Mexicana and Aeromexico.

At 6:36p, we were airborne as it continued to rain. The flight attendant came on the PA and gave her welcome adding that we would get a snack and then beverages. She then came through with a sealed plastic container with m&ms, beef salami, a pack of crackers, a packet of peppercorn cheese and a napkin. I tried not to ea before the drinks came but I failed just as she a few seats away. I also tried to stay awake too as I was so tired. When she arrived with drinks, I had some water and apple juice.

Documentation was the next chapter of the flight; U.S. citizens only need a Customs form, others need an I-94 white form or the visa-waiver green form if your country participates in the visa waiver program. I had already received my Customs from when I checked in so I was good to go.

I was able to sneak in a 15 minute nap, but soon the Captain came on the PA and I could barely hear him say that we would start our descent in the Houston area. It was very faint though; This was at 7:15p.

It was 7:44p when touched down on the runway in Houston and it was just twilight there. An announcement was made welcoming in us and advising us of the procedures; i.e. we have to take all our bags with us an pick up our bags at customs when we get inside. Also ensure that we have our documentation filled out for the Immigration officials.

Monterrey, Mexico (MTY): at the airport in MTY boarding the flight

Once at the gate, I realized that the flight had not boarded as yet. I relayed the lounge information to my colleagues who thought it was good information to use the next time and also noted that if we were further delayed than 15 minutes, we could use the lounge.

We boarded at gate 11 which displayed our flight, but that gate was actually boarding a delayed Delta Connection fight to Atlanta, GA (ATL) instead. We were directed to the gate next to it, 11A instead. We headed over there, showed our documents, had a mini search and then boarded the waiting bus in the misty and cold rain. The umbrellas were actually on the bus which I thought was interesting.

We were then bussed the short distance to the plane; it was just a tad longer than where were had walked the day before once we got off the plane. Once at the plane door, we waited a bit and then boarded.

Monterrey, Mexico (MTY): At the airport again

I am at the airport in the Aeromexico Salon;

The check-in process was smooth and no issues. The airport is cold though. I had no issues through security which was a breeze. This is really a nice airport.

I was taking pictures and was told to stop by the security officer so I did. I was watching an Aviacsa Boeing 737-300push back as well as an Interjet A320 pulling in.

I then left and walked around and found a few lounges; Aeromexico's and and Mexicana. I gained access to the Aeromexico Salon with my boarding pass and my Presidents Club card. I also could have gained access using my American Express Gold, Black or Platinum card to the American Express Centurion Club.

I await the flight...

BA 777 had an incident in LHR

Well, I'm in Monterrey so I am not on it; glad all is well though; i.e. no deaths.