Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Brussels, Belgium: Arriving in Brussels, Belgium (BRU)

19FEB08 Brussels International Airport, Brussels Belgium (BRU)

It was pretty white outside when touched down; I am pretty sure the pilots did not see anything but the lights of the runway for this landing; thank God for computers and instrument landing systems.

Our taxi in was still very foggy and a slow one. As we taxied in, the mood lighting was activated once more as well as landing music.

It was extremely difficult to see the planes that were parked at the gates.

I did recognize a Continental (CO) Boeing 767-400, an American Airlines (AA) Boeing 767-300 and a brussels airlines (SN) Airbus A330-200 at the gates as we taxied by. We pulled in next to the A330 and waited a bit as the ground handlers cleared our gate.

There was an announcement of the gates for the connecting flights to India; Chennai, Delhi and Mumbai. I waited and deplaned, getting another chance to see the Premium class seats.

As we used the second door, I was not able to see the First class suites again.

I followed the signs to baggage claim, noticing that there were many signs for Jet Airways Transit passengers all over the place. Most everyone was connecting it seems. As a matter of fact, I think I was perhaps the only one who was going to Brussels from that flight. A few passengers got confused and did not see the signs, but the Immigration officers directed them back to the security checkpoints to get upstairs.

I cleared Immigration with ease; only my passport was required to do so and then headed to Customs, cleared that and arrived in the meeting area. I looked around and found the hotel board, but the phone was busted so I could not call the hotel. I got my computer out and looked up the address and ensured that I had it correct and looked for the taxi stand after using the ATM for some Euros. I also checked for Internet, found a connection, but there was a charge, so decided against using it.

Outside, it was freezing cold! There was sadly a long line for the taxi to add insult to injury. I joined it and waited. In about 15 minutes, it was my turn and I jumped in the taxi and departed for the hotel.

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