Monday, February 18, 2008

Brussels, Belgium: Arriving in Newark Liberty, Newark, NJ (EWR)

18FEB08 Newark Liberty International, Newark NJ (EWR)

As we landed, our plane had to wait for a Continental Express XRJ-145 to take off. I snapped a picture as it reached for the skies past my window.

Once that was done, we crossed the active runway, made a right turn and headed for Terminal C. As we did so, I could see a Continental Airlines Boeing 737 landing on the same runway we did followed by a Northwest Airlines Airbus A320.

Interior of the Boeing 767-200

Once we got to the gate, we made our way to the Presidents Club, had some refreshments and then relaxed for a bit. I needed to get a ticket for the Jet Airways flight, so I did so. Then it was time check-in for the flight to ensure that it had room for me. I took the short walk outside to Terminal B as the weather was perfect for such a stroll.

I approached the Jet Airways counter and was able to check-in easily and got a window seat at the Exit row. I returned to the Lounge in Terminal C as there was not one at Terminal B that I could use. Once back in Terminal C, I finished up my work and bade my colleague good bye until we meet again across the Atlantic.

I left Terminal C at about 6:20p and made my way to Terminal B via the AirTrain. I went through security in Terminal B which took a long time although the line was short. People were just moving extra slow for some reason.

Once I cleared, I looked around and noticed that L’Avion’s Boeing 757-200 flight to Paris was in the final stage of boarding. My flight was the only other flight that was leaving at that time. The board showed later departures from British Airways and Virgin Atlantic Airways.

I tried to get a different seat other than the Exit row window, but to no avail a they had all been assigned.

I walked around some more and saw that the L’Avion aircraft had just pushed back and the staff was clearing away the crackers and cheese and juice they had for the passengers.

Boarding of our flight started at 6:50p with the usual those who need assistance, children, First and Premium class passengers and then Economy class by row numbers from the back forward. There was a slight backup in the jet as passengers picked up newspapers on the way in.

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