Thursday, February 21, 2008

Brussels, Belgium: Arriving in Newark Liberty, Newark, NJ (EWR) again

21FEB08 Newark Liberty International, Newark, NJ (EWR)

We taxied across the runways and made our way to C125 where we had a short delay as the ground crew prepared for our arrival. I deplaned and headed for the Immigration area. There were some passengers ahead of us from Dublin and Shannon Ireland who did not have to clear Immigration as it is done before they leave Ireland. I then followed the signs to the U.S. Citizens lines.

I was disappointed to find that all the Officers were assisting Visitors. This meant that all the U.S. Citizens had to wait a long time to be serviced. After about 10 minutes, it was my turn and I was processed almost immediately and sent on my way. I waited for my colleague just outside the booth.

We both cleared Customs and headed outside. He went for a smoke, I headed to the Presidents Club as I had some work to catch up on and a few e-mails to send. I cleared security after having to throw my unused bottle of water away. I forgot that I had it and the machines showed it up. I asked the TSA agent what was she doing with it and she said that they throw them away. I mentioned that it is quite a shame as the bottle of water is sealed and people are dying of thirst in other countries or dying from contaminated water and we are throwing them away by the bottle. She agreed, but said those are the rules. So I’m on a quest to figure how to stop this waste!

I showed my credentials and advised the agent that I had a guest arriving later, so I gave them his name. I found a seat with ease as the Club was not too crowded at all. I got quite a bit of work done before it was time to leave and him re-joining me.

Soon, it was time to go and we headed to the gate at C120. As I was boarding, I got a phone call that I had to take. Once that was over, I boarded and had to wait in the jetway for a bit.

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