Sunday, March 23, 2008

Del Rio, TX: Comment from a fellow traveler on the trip

A friend of mine sent me this comment at 7:19p tonight.

Just read your report, thanks for letting me know you were in DRT, I love reading stuff about small airports!

The DRT mystery aircraft are a Beech 18 and a Beech King Air.

Bummer about that long delay, but you made the most of it! Cool that you walked into town- I would have done the same thing! I can't believe they didn't comp drinks on the flight to IAH! Love the comment about "non-tarmac Del Rio air!"

That's not the VOR (but thanks for thinking of me!)- it's a localizer antenna, for RW13, that provides lateral guidance to get to the end of the runway.
It's on the opposite end as the approach- meaning if you're landing RW13 (towards town), the antenna is on the other end (the RW31 approach end- the southeast end) of the runway, which you walked by on the way into town.

The nearest VOR is DLH (Laughlin) at the USAF base.

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