Saturday, March 29, 2008

Heathrow Inaugural: Houston, TX (IAH) to Newark, NJ (EWR)

CO52 29MAR08 Houston Intercontinental, Houston TX (IAH) to Newark Liberty International, Newark NJ (EWR) 8:00a 12:09p 777 N??007

Flight Time: 2:43
Seat Map

As I made my way back to my seat, I noticed a cello strapped in at a window seat. I knew that cello players usually buy a seat for that instrument, but I've never actually seen one "sitting" in a seat.

I found my window seat and settled in; the person in the middle and aisle were already seated. Th girl in the middle seat was on the phone so I could not really say hello.

At 7:54a, an open seat count was made and an announcement to take your seats as they are trying to do an open seat count as there were standby customers awaiting seats. The boarding process continued in earnest as the 8:00a departure time approached quickly.

A name was called out to come forward for an upgrade; lucky guy I thought, except that he was not on board so another name was called and that guy was indeed on board.

Another announcement was made for everyone to take their assigned seat so they could get standbys on board. At 7:59a, the "prepare doors for departure" announcement was made.

The overhead monitor actually had the local time off by one hour, not sure why. It was showing an estimated arrival time of 11:54a.

The safety video came on at 8:04a while we were still at the gate. The Spanish version started at 8:07a, about the same time as our pushback.

The left engine started up at 8:12a as the Spanish video was ending. After that the lead flight attendant came on the PA and said that our flying time was 2:43 and to enjoy our flight. Our taxi started at about three minutes after the first engine was started.

It was 8:21 when the Captain said "Flight attendants, please be seated for departure." I looked out the window and saw a US Airways Boeing 737-300 on the far parallel runway. At about 8:23a, we started our takeoff roll and was airborne in seconds into the foggy/rainy morning.

I pretty much fell asleep as we cleared the clouds to the bright sunshine. I awoke when the flight attendant was passing by with headsets for 1 USD. This aircraft does have some movie choices in individual seat back monitors. For this route, there were:
  1. Continental Presents House
  2. Becoming Jane/Premier Destinations
  3. Continental Family Channel1: Sesame Street Presents: Follow That Bird/The Road Runner Show, Tweety's Circus, Baby Looney Tunes
  4. Evening/Picture This
  5. Enchanted/The Suite Life of Zack and Cody
  6. Continental Presents CSI
  7. Comedy Programming: The Drew Carey Show, The New Adventures of Old Christine, Everybody Hates Chris, The King of Queens, The Game, The Class
  8. The Entertainment Channel
  9. Airshow
There are also 10 games:
  1. Chess
  2. Poker
  3. Solitaire
  4. Invasion
  5. Elephant Memory
  6. Bzzz
  7. Blackjack
  8. Cave Crunch
  9. Caveman
  10. Hang Man
Plus twenty music channels:
  1. Opera
  2. Rewind
  3. Ambient Grove
  4. Latin Fiesta
  5. Continental Lounge
  6. The Classics
  7. The Hit Factory
  8. Jazz Beat
  9. Continental Talk
  10. Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
  11. Country Roads
  12. Live Broadway
  13. Club Continental
  14. R&B Groove
  15. World Music
  16. Kid's Korner
  17. Hindi Music
  18. Japanese Favorites
  19. Chinese Pop
  20. Shalom
Pity, I'm tired this morning...I went back to sleep and awoke for breakfast at 9:10a. It was Chex cereal with milk and a banana. This was followed by beverage choices. Beer, wine and margarita were 5 USD.

I was so tired, I went right back to sleep after eating. I awoke to put my seat in the upright position as we were landing in a beautiful morning in Newark, NJ. It was really windy and were rocking from side to side. A kid was screaming in the back of the plane as I think his ears were hurting. Poor little dude.

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