Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Space Shuttle Endeavour: The launch in pictures

So remember that this blog is about the journey, but again, here is an event that occurred after a journey that warrants mentioning...

This is the sight from about 4 miles away across a huge lake/swamp that surrounds the Kennedy Space Center.

The VAB (Vehicle Assembly Building)

People are bored so they use generators to place lights in the water to attract the fish, and the fish do come.

Burger King was the only eatery in town open at the time. Titusville was closed down except for here and the CVS across the street.

Some of the spectators. It was very packed and people just kept coming. The crowd picked up after midight.

So when the Shuttle goes at night, night turns into day for a few seconds; it is really unreal.

Lift off of Endeavour

So there was this cloud just sitting over the launch pad and the spaceship just disappeared into it. The crowd was upset, as was I, but it was fantastic to see nonetheless.

Mass exedous.

No one likes to wait

Look what waiting brings...


George said...

Great storytelling of what it's like to watch a launch from T-ville. That was the Indian River between you and KSC. Hilarious photo with the generators and "no generators" sign!

Cruisinaltitude said...

Thanks George, I realize I never replied to this comment after all these years.
Yeah the signs were quite funny...