Friday, March 21, 2008

The world awaits, but I am just not feeling it

So, it is Easter weekend, and there are many travel ideas out there...

Buenos Aires, Argentina (EZE) with a side trip to Colonia/Montevideo, Uruguay (MVD) or Iguasa Falls on the Argentina side (AEP). Flights looks good, but United no longer does the MVD to EZE trip so that won't work. Although I could just buy a ticket on Pluna or on Aerolineas Argentinas (AR). Flights on American Airlines (AA) to Miami, Florida (MIA) looks, good but Miami back to Houston (IAH) loosk crappy on Sunday.

Venice, Italy (VCE) looks good via Amsterdam, Netherlands (AMS), but I needed to be on the 3:30p flight and that was not happening with a 2:00p departure and not packed at all. An esteemed colleague and I were thinking of that one. Kind of into VCE via Amsterdam and our via Paris (CDG) on Sunday. This would be cool as I'd log Air France's (AF) Airbus A318 as well as VCE a new airport.

Caracas, Venezuela (CCS) works as well as it leaves close to midnight tonight and then I can have all day there tomorrow and be back on a really early flight on Sunday morning. Another colleague is doing that trip.

I may just do Del Rio, TX (DRT) or Texarkana, TX (TXK) as I've not done those as yet. They each have single late night flights on a Saturday so I'll have to overnight there.

But I am just not feeling it today...

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