Friday, June 13, 2008

Bucharest, Romania June 2008: Leaving downtown Houston

Leaving downtown Houston

I departed the office just about 5:00p. Traffic was light, so getting to the airport was not an issue and I arrived at the Fast Park parking lot at 5:21p. Seven minutes later, I was in the shuttle headed for Terminal E.

It was funny as this lady on the bus had no idea which terminal she should go to. This always fascinates me how people don’t really pay attention to any details when they travel. She was going to Atlanta, GA (ATL), so the driver told her that she has to go to Terminal C since that is Continental’s main terminal.

I am pretty sure that he wont go to Terminal E first as if he does, he then have to leave the airport and come back in just to get back to the other terminals. This is such a dumb design and when they built Terminal E, they closed the “U” Turn they had set up. Rightly so as that turn was crap and traffic was backed for a bit usually. I am still miffed as to why they never constructed a better method of getting from Terminal E to C without leaving the airport.

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