Sunday, July 27, 2008

San Francisco, CA July 2008: Departing Dallas/Forth Worth International, Dallas, TX (DFW)

It was 5:48p when I arrived at Terminal E. I paid the drive the $18 plus a tip and went upstairs using the escalator.

There was no issues getting through security, except that the lady in front of me had an expired driver's license. Apparently she needed the receipt that said she had renewed it. The lady allowed her through anyways; she was with her husband I guess.

I then checked at the gate for my boarding pass which I got and scored a middle seat. I then went to the Presidents Club, showed my credentials and gained access.

I had a banana, a bagel and two muffins and some juice and relaxed for a bit. Soon it was time to go so I headed to the gate and boarded when it was my turn.

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