Sunday, August 17, 2008

London August 2008: Arriving in London-Heathrow International heading home

I awoke at 5:15a and eventually made it to the check-in counter via bus and train at 7:05a. I did notice as I was watching planes land before boarding the airport bus that the 6:30a KLM (KL) flight to Amsterdam was just taking the runway. I did take pictures of a British Airways (BA) Boeing 747-400 and an American Airlines (AA) Boeing 777-200 landing. OneWorld at its best I thought:

My bus showed up and on my way to the Central Bus Station, I was able to take another picture of the Emirates (EK) A380 display; fantastic! If you've visited Heathrow in the past, this position used to house a British Airways (BA) Concorde.

By 7:30a, I was checked-in and made through security and to the Holideck Lounge. The airport was a bit quiet, but I know it was building.

I got online and checked e-mail and I had to re-pack my bag so I did. I then headed down to the gate as my name was being called for a seat assignment.

In my search for finding a power plug, I stopped in Dixon's but found nothing. I then went back to the gate which was actually across from the store. There was still a line. I soon boarded.

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