Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Suhl, Germany

I'm off to the middle of Germany to a place called Suhl for some R&R. I'm flying to Amsterdam then to Frankfurt or Nuremburg then to Suhl by train.

It was bumper to bumper traffic leaving downtown Houston and I arrived at the Car Rental facility with 4 minutes to spare. Only to be charged for an extra hour by the lady who was goofing off when I got there and made a cell phone call and then came over to me. She goes it goes by the computer and you were late. I told her I was not and i will not pay the charge. So she said I had to go talk to a different person or wait for her to take care of another customer. I thought that was silly since she had not finished taken care of me, how rude.

Anyways, I went to another person who took care of me and reversed the charge.

I then went upstairs and took the bus to Terminal E, only to find out my flight was in Terminal C. I then took the train over there and settled in the Presidents Club for a bit. My phone is not working properly so I am not receiving TripAlerts, hence the reason why I did not know my gate beforehand.

I will go to the gate in about two minutes.

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