Friday, August 22, 2008

Toulouse, France August 2008: Arriving in Houston-Intercontinental for Paris-Charles de Gaulle

Houston-Intercontinental, Houston TX (IAH)

I was dropped off at Terminal E and then made my way to the ticket office to get the tickets. By the time the others joined me, it was all done and we were ready to go.

We went to the Presidents Club where I tried to get to the Internet, but apparently the wireless signal was down. This is very annoying, but what can one do. After a while, one of my travel companions got a signal, but still it did not work for me. Eventually, it was time to go, so we did. Just before we left the Club, I looked out the window and saw our plane at the gate.

At the gate, the others got their BusinessFirst class upgrade while I waited for an Economy class seat. Apparently, the flight was heavily booked so I waited for a bit. After a while, I got a seat, but was told to wait a bit just in case that changed.

Across the way, the flight to Amsterdam was departing at 7:10p, this was my backup flight. At about 6:15p, the agent told me to board as it should be fine, so I did. The others were waiting for me to board in case we all had to ditch Paris as the connecting city.

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