Sunday, September 14, 2008

Hurricane Ike: The Aftermath - Day 2 Continued

A tree fallen over.

This is how we dry clothes now; back to basic.

Traffic lights are out heading into downtown.

There used to be a traffic light atop this sign post.

CenterPoint Energy is on the job.

A downed street sign.

There used to be a sign here, but now it is on the ground; that blue thing you see on the left, just below the sign.

The awning housing is now at the Blockbuster sign.

This used to be on top of a pole...

The pole is on the right where that lamp used to sit.

A butterfly chilling on a car right next to us.

CenterPoint is on the job already.

Before the storm, I was not able to see straight down Westerheimer Road; now I can.

One of the few businesses that are open, the Empire Cafe.

Road blocked by fallen tree; power lines are busted as well.

Queuing up for gas.

I wonder how much it is for gas here? The signs are blow out!

The queue for for gas...not too bad now.

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