Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Hurricane Ike: Waiting

I still have no power, but my neighbors do. Three blocks on my street are without power due to those three fallen trees. I did see CenterPoint Energy walking around, but who knows.

Gas is limited as some areas have no power and those with power have no gas. If you drive along US59 and I-45 all you see are blown out billboards, but when you turn off the highways, you see the damage downtown.

I did go to the airport yesterday and it seems O.K. The tower seems like it had glass blown out, but not sure.

I did wait 50 minutes for my bus this morning, when it came the ride was free so I could not complain, hehe...

Someone sent a list of open places for Houston - http://blogs.chron.com/closings/openings/. People helping people.

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