Friday, September 19, 2008

London August 2008: Leaving downtown Houston, TX

19SEp08 Downtown Houston

I got a ride with one of my colleagues who was also heading to the airport. He was going to Paris, France. After a quick stop by his house, we made our way to the airport arriving at the parking facility at about 5:05p. There was hardly any traffic on the highway.

They asked which terminal and we told them Terminal E. We parked, the lady came over and I asked her why do they ask us which terminal and then put passengers going to different terminals on the same bus. She said that is how they do it. I told her, then let's go to Terminal E first. She said she can't if someone comes in the bus and wants to go to Terminal E.

So as fate would have it, someone gets on the bus and they want to go to Terminal C. This is so stupid!

Once we arrived at Terminal C, we both got off the bus and bade her goodbye.

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