Sunday, October 26, 2008

Kiev, Ukraine Oct. 2008: Arriving in Munich International, Munich Germany (MUC) from Kiev

26OCT08 Munich International, Munich Germany (MUC)

We touched down softly at 7:50a (Munich is 1 hour behind Kiev) and I was awoken to see whiteout through the window. Thank God for instrument landing systems. You literally could not see anything outside. In a few minutes, we made it to our gate miraculously and parked at about 7:57a.

We disembarked and made our way to gate G-41 which was actually behind a security area. As we made our way through security, the guy in front of us told the agent that he had some alcohol that he had just bought in

Kiev at the duty free place. The agent looked at the sealed bag and asked where he was going. He said he was

going to Canada. She then left adn when she came back, she told him that he canot take it with him as Kiev

was not a part of the European Union. Annoyed, he told them to thrash it as he would have to check his bag by first entering the country and going outside to the check-in counter.

Finally, we got through security only to be stalled again by another guy who had a knife in his bag. His kids also had after shave which turned out to be O.K. as they had them in the approved bag.

Once the line started to roll again, I took up my stuff and went downstairs to the gates. The agent told us to wait a bit for our seat so we did.

The boarding process started at about 8:38a with a group of young girls.

Once everyone had boarded, we were told to board as we had been cleared. We did and got two seats next to each other.

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