Saturday, October 11, 2008

Killeen, TX (GRK) Oct. 2008: Departing Killeen/Ft. Hood Regional (GRK)

Killeen/Ft. Hood Regional, Killeen TX (GRK)

It was 4:04p when I arrived at the airport. I bade my sister and my nephew goodbye and headed into the terminal. At the check-in counter, there was a sign that read something like "We've gone to the gate and will be back after the flight has departed." So I went up to the gate to see if I could get beyond security. The TSA agent said no so I went back downstairs and waited.

By now there were four people there, only one of which was traveling. The lady said hello and apparently from my accent she realized I was from Jamaica as well. We struck up a little conversation as we waited. Her dad was the one traveling and she told me that she missed the first bag fee by three days. I also noted to her that his bag was 6lbs. overweight and that there would be a charge.

The agent then arrived and started checking them in. He collected the $15 first bag fee and advised them that the bag was overweight and would cost $50. They then proceeded to take some stuff out, placing the extra 6lbs in their carry on bag.

After he was done with her, he printed my boarding pass and I went upstairs and cleared the security area without issues. I continued to talk to the lady's dad about random stuff. You could see out plane from the gate area.

Also, the back of the podium was a Laptop Station; wireless access is actually paid at this airport.

At 4:37p, boarding started for all rows for the five us that were going to Houston this afternoon.

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