Sunday, October 19, 2008

London October 17, 2008: Arriving at Gatwick from Central London

19OCT08 Gatwick International, London England (LGW)

I detrained and followed the signs to the North Terminal where I arrived via train a few minutes later. This was my first time departing from gatwick since Continental started their Heathrow service back in March. Many of the check-in areas were now replaced by Emirates check-in counters. By October 26, I think it will be all gone as there will no longer be service to Gatwick from Houston or Newark.

I used the kiosk and received my boarding pass and took an aisle seat with the window currently open. I then did my security checks and headed for the security lines. Good, there were no lines so it was smooth sailing which was a plus.

Once inside, I found the IRIS office and as it turned out it was not open until 7:30a and it was now 7:23a. I did not see any activity inside, so I am assuming that it will be opened late. The drawback is that the Lounges are on the other side of the airport and I don't really want to be going back and forth today.

Hopefully the wait won't be too long.

At 7:30a, the two agents showed up. After a few minutes of back and forth, they re-registered me and I was on my way. Hopefully, it will all work when I return.

I then headed over to the Emirates Lounge and relaxed until it was time for the flight.

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