Friday, January 23, 2009

San Jose, CA Jan 2009: Houston-Intercontinental, Houston TX (IAH) to Mineta San Jose, San Jose, CA (SJC)

CO421 23JAN09 Houston-Intercontinental, Houston TX (IAH) to San Jose, CA (SJC) 6:37p 8:58p 738 N??218

Flight Time: 3:41

Seat Map

I boarded the airplane making my way through the 2-2 First class with leather seats into the 3-3 Economy class cabin with its cloth seats.

The overhead space was filling up, so I quickly too the next available overhead space, then made my way to my seat.  As it turns out, the lady I was talking to out by the gate was siting at the aisle.

The door soon closed and we pushed back at about 6:38p.  The engines then started and we made our way out to the runway.  The traffic was light so we were on the active runway at 6:58p.

I fell asleep when started our takeoff roll and when I awoke, we were being served dinner.  This was a hot pizza with a salad and a Kitkat bar.  By now the movie "City of Ember" with Bill Murray, although I think it should have been the "Rocker." 

After cleaning up the thrash, we were served a second drink service. All this time, I was reading the "Financial Times" I had picked up from the Presidents Club earlier.  I then got out the trust MacBook and started to do some writing.

As I was at an exit row seat, I had no issues with space.  I looked across from me and the lady at the aisle also had a similar MacBook.

I continued working which was great as I got to finish editing a document that I had forever.  The flight attendants came around with some water and I took a cup.  By now, the movie was finished and some other programs were on.

It was 10:04p (8:04p local), when the Captain came on the PA and announced that we should be starting our descent into California shortly.  So we should buckle up as it will be a bit turbulent.  He also added that it was low ceilings, temperature at 55F and the winds from the NW.  Great, I thought, no mention of rain.

We descended into the dark night.  It was hard to see outside.  The airport became visible barely before landing.

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