Friday, April 03, 2009

Doha, Qatar April 2009: Arriving in Houston-Intercontinental from downtown Houston

At the airport there was hardly anyone around. I cleared security and then went and got some tickets for the journey.

One that was over with, I went across to Terminal D and after a 30 minutes wait was able to check-in and got an aisle seat.

I then headed upstairs to the gate as I was trying to find a Lounge since boarding would not start for another 45 minutes. There is an Executive Lounge, but it is only available to Qatar, Lufthansa, Singapore and one other airline. Bummer.

I made my way down to the Presidents Club in the C Concourse. On my way, I spotted my airplane at the gate.
I made my way to the Club which was open due to delayed flights, but its closing time is 7:00p. I got online and found a quick snack. Before long, the agent said we had to leave. It was time to do so anyways.

I headed back to the gate at D4 where boarding had already commenced.

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