Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Guam: Tokyo-Narita International, Tokyo Japan (NRT)

27FEB 08 Tokyo-Narita International, Tokyo Japan (NRT)

We touched down with ease and made our way to the gate. There were lots of planes on the ground from Japan Airlines, ANA, Northwest Airlines, United Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Continental and Korean Airlines to name the big ones.

We taxied up to the gate and had to wait for a Northwest Airbus A330 to get pushed back and on its way.

As I deplaned, I got a good shot of our plane at the gate as it was being prepared for its flight to Newark I think; what a workhorse...

I had to stop just outside the plane door to get a new boarding pass for my next flight. It was a little chaotic as they were stopping passengers as they got off the plane, but the transfer exit was right there so I guess they don't want to lose anyone.

I cleared security and lost my bottle and a half of water; well at least they are consistent, but the drive to figure out what to do about this constant waste keeps me going to find a solution.

After security, I headed for the Northwest World Club which is upstairs close to gates 12-16. I was familiar as I’d been here around Christmastime. I was also looking for a smoking area for my colleague. I asked in the Club and the agent said there was one close to the coffee shop next to gate 11. I went down there to see if he had already found and he had. I told him where I was and left.

Back at the Club, I showed my Presidents Club card and was granted access as my boarding pass was not sufficient since I was told I needed an invitation as well. I told them that my guest would arrive later and she took his name.

I settled in and commenced to update this blog as well as check e-mail from work, etc. Not too many e-mails, but some of them needed to be looked after so I did.

Before I knew it, I heard a boarding announcement for the flight, so I got my stuff together and went downstairs to the gate.

As I left, I took a banana on my way out. I took the short walk to gate 12 and boarded. I got stopped or a random security check and the lady went through my bag. She thanked me for my cooperation when she was done and sent me on my way down the jetway.

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