Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Guam: Tokyo-Narita to Agana, Guam (GUM)

CO7 27FEB08 Tokyo-Narita International, Tokyo, Japan (NRT) to Guam (GUM) 5:15p 9:50p 738 with winglets N??232 operated by Continental Micronesia

Flying Time: 3:07

I boarded the aircraft and took my seat in the 2-2 leather seats First Class cabin. I found a place for my bag and settled in. The drop down screens was playing a video of an island and it sights, I am assuming that it is Guam.

An offer of orange juice, water or Champagne was offered before the doors were closed; I opted for some water.

I heard them say they were waiting for one more passengers who arrived documents in hand and winded at 5:02p.

Continental Micronesia Resort Shuttle welcome aboard said the lead attendant after closing the main cabin door. It was then repeated in Japanese. It was 5:04p as our pushback commenced.

It was a slow taxi out, but it was good to see a lot of wide body airplanes everywhere. Lots of ANA Boeing 777s, United Airlines Boeing 777, a Korean Airlines Boeing 777 and Boeing 747-400s as well as Northwest Airlines Airbus A330 and one Boeing 747-400, plus a Northwest Cargo Boeing 747 as well as air Hongkong’s A300-600 which is operating for DHL. There was also an ANA Boeing 777 in Star Alliance colors taking off.

We taxied out to the runway and took off without waiting. It was nice to see the airport below and also the other runway on the other side of the airport.

An ANA airplane had just landed on it and was taxiing to the terminal.
It was also interesting to see all the golf courses in the area, very similar to the ones on arrival. Most of them were mostly brown though as it is wintertime.

After takeoff, the lead flight attendant came on the PA and introduced himself as well as his other three crew members including one Japanese speaker. He continued saying that there will be dinner today and a movie entitled “Nanny Diaries.” Feel free to use your own headsets, but if you do not have one, then a complimentary one will be given to you. There is a 5 USD or 600 YEN charge in Economy for alcohol. Duty free will be available throughout the flight as well. In addition, all customers must clear immigration formalities in Guam regardless of citizenship and must fill out a Customs and/or immigration forms. He then repeated the flight time of 3:07. Settle back in your seat, relax and enjoy the flight he concluded. This greeting was then done by the lone Japanese speaking flight attendant.

After the announcements, we were given complimentary headsets as well as Customs and Immigration forms as appropriate. Hot towels followed and after cleaning up, table cloths were laid.

At 37,000’ at 5:47p the Captain came on the PA adding his welcome. He noted that we had a completely full plane tonight, so if the passengers could allow the flight attendants to give their excellent Continental Micronesia service. We will arrive 10 minutes early he said at 10:35p. There are scattered clouds with a temperature of 27C good visibility; relax enjoy the excellent service, good evening and welcome aboard; this was then translated into Japanese.

Some mixed nuts arrived as well as a drink choice. I opted for some white wine. I was given a glass of water and an empty wine glass; I had a choice of chardonnay or sauvignon blanc (Vente vineyards 2004 chardonnay) and I opted for the chardonnay which was poured on the next trip pass. The screens came down and the movie started in a bit once the duty free ads were complete.

Chicken picatta with rice, white fish with rice or pasta were the meal choices for tonight and creamy yogurt or plum vinaigrette were the dressings; I opted for the white fish with rice.

The salad arrived with a napkin and utensils which included a pair of chopsticks, plus butter pepper and salt, then warm bread (white, walnut, sesame seeds).
The main course arrived next; it is white fish, with vegetables, tiny shrimp, white rice, with a sauce and a half of lemon in a strainer type bag. It looked really good as you can see below.

More bread came and I tried the Sesame seed this time around. We had a little turbulence so the seatbelt signs came on.

I took some time to look at the Customs form. It is quite involved and different from the normal U.S. customs form. When I flew from Australia to Guam, I did get the normal blue U.S. customs form. This form also has a voluntary survey on the back.

Dessert of pecan pie followed with some tea with lemon.

At 6:23p (4:23a) in Houston, the lights were turned off in the cabin as the movie played on… I fell asleep and awoke later to the sound of getting ready for landing comments.

We landed safely and taxied up to the gate.

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