Monday, February 04, 2008

London Feb. 1: Leaving London-Gatwick, London, England (LGW)

04FEB08 London-Gatwick, London England (LGW)

I arrived in Gatwick at about 10:15a. I disembarked and made my way to the North Terminal where I checked in. I got a seat in BusinessFirst, so I was given a FastTrack sticker as well as an invitation to the Emirates Lounge.

I cleared security with ease as most of the flights had already gone for the day, so the airport is less of a zoo…I checked out the bookstore for a bit and then went to the Lounge. I got to working and forgot about breakfast. By the time I got there, they were clearing it away. The lady said they would have lunch out shortly, but that won’t help me as I’m leaving in a few minutes. They did have some cold stuff so I had some chicken, salmon, some fruits and a slice of brown bread. I was kind of mad at myself as I had skipped breakfast so I could enjoy the one at the lounge; oh well…

I was having issued with first connecting to the wireless and also connecting to the office network which was a bit sketchy. So a few of the things I had planned on doing, were not done at all.

Boarding of the flight was announced, so I left at about 11:15a. This gate is at the farthest end of the airport and took forever to get to. Once there, I showed my documents and boarded, picking up some magazines as I did so. There is a good one worth reading called WTF, no, it is not what you think it means. It means “What’s the Future.” Always makes for a good read.

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